Remember our first webinars?

We talked about the concept of Deep Innovation Design in January this year. We made the analogy
to athletes and how they went through an amazing transformation. In just 50 years amazing super stars!
Stunning athlete on motor bike

Today we are ready to rock innovators, managing their mind, like others their body.

.Today we have a very exciting introduction

Our software team made huge leaps with our Innovation Design Software. It’s the very first
Neuro-Ideation based software helping innovation mangers to stimulate creativity like
never before imaginable. “BlueCallom” is our enterprise grade Innovation Management
System with a very advanced executive dashboard.

You will find more details on our website:

BlueCallom EXPERIENCE 2020

Now EXPERIENCE yourself, together with innovation managers from around the world, what
Deep Innovation Design and Neuro Ideation can do for you, when used in a methodical
way and when supported by technology. A six week program, where you experience an
entire innovation process from “where to start” to ground breaking innovation.