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AI Architect and Developer

As AI Architect / Developer, you want to make the impossible a reality.

That would be the best starting point to join the BlueCallom team.

We are an AI-driven and highly neuroscience-influenced and cloud-based software company. Our founders spent most of their business life in Silicon Valley – and that is present in our culture. We do a bunch of things that have never been done before. For instance, 

  • building a lateral (non-linear) process software;
  • leveraging deep reinforcement learning in an entirely new way;
  • designing a genetic computing model to manage large data sets;
  • conceiving processes that are a reflection of non-digital brain processes;
  • Using AI to enhance the human brain capacity like never envisioned before. 

Our solution is still in an early stage. We don’t drill holes in the skull to reach strategic neurons, instead, we use the natural given APIs into the human mind and leverage the preprocessor functionalities our neuron structure provides us.

We are looking for people with exceptional abilities to imagine the future of neuronal software that is not like today’s “AI/ML concepts” but more like how the human brain operates.


Our ideal AI Architect / Developer candidate is a passionate person leading and owning the entire software product lifecycle from inception to replacement. You will work directly with the CEO to complete product roadmaps, develop product requirement documents (Cloud-based software), discover new opportunities, and work with the CTO to discuss feasibility and development timelines.


  • You are responsible for developing a market-leading AI architecture that allows software processes to manage non-linear (lateral) processes and help users guide through even the intellectually most demanding processes like innovation or business transformation and any other problems people want to solve.
  • You will be leading our current software development team and helping them to advance and deliver the necessary solutions.
  • You will be furthermore responsible to keep up with the latest development in neuroscience and apply the know-how in our human-machine-human structure.


as AI Architect / Developer

  • You are well versed in ML and NLP.
  • You have some experience with deep reinforcement learning
  • You understand to design a rules and rewards system for DRL
  • Used to work with agile methods
  • Have a good handle on UI and UX
  • Have a network of related experts and get additional insights if needed
  • Some basic understanding of augmented reality
  • Some understanding of edge computing is of advantage
  • Curiosity, creativity, couragiousness, communicative are some key soft skills you have
  • You don’t wait and see what the future brings – you create it


for AI Architect and Developer

  • Fluent English with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Swiss or European citizen or have a valid Swiss Work Permit
  • Software design is your dream job (requirement)


  • We care less about degrees and certificates
  • We do care about your talents or traits:
    • Curious, Courageous, Continuous, Collaborative, Creative, Communicative, Confident, and Connected
  • ‘Impossible’ – is a word that we usually don’t use
  • We won’t tell you what your job is, what to do, and when to do it – you structure it
  • Most importantly, you are an amazingly awesome and inspiring person :)

For more information on how we think and work, including leadership principles and the 8 C’s of innovation talent, please visit: How we think and work.


for AI Architect and Developer

Dream Job

If AI Architekt and Developer describes your dream environment and you see that you can shape it into what you think is the best for the company, you are in the right place. If you are not sure because we haven’t told you what you need to do, it’s too early for us.

Our Location
Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is in the city of Zürich, next to the lake, the opera, and the city center. There is an underground parking garage, tram stop, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance.

Home Office
While we have an office, many of us work from home. On the other hand, we see significant importance in working physically together. In any case, we meet online multiple times each week including Coffee Chat Fridays. If possible, you will spend at least 2 days a week in the office.

Monthly salary above average plus annual success bonus.
A stock option plan or equivalent is in progress

Looking forward to hearing from you!