Rapid innovation / Transformation Development with Generative-AI

Neuro-AI Innovation Management

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AI-Native Enterprise Software

Artificial Intelligence at its core

The fastest way to innovate

What a difference AI makes

A new way to innovate – BlueCallom.AI – When three dedicated AI models work with each other.
1) The four pillars of Breakthrough Innovation: Research, ideation, decision making and validation  are now all driven by a Generative AI model like ChatGPT for Human Intelligence Augmentation. Innovation time collapses and an ROI is reached after 3 years.
2) AI-driven process automation guides innovation teams through a three year process from innovation opportunity discovery to innovation continuum, delegating all repeat tasks such as reporting, KPI management, events etc. to an AI. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

3) Predictive models derive data from the KPI-Framework and computes the Innovation Success Indicator (ISI) indicating the probability of success for more educated innovation financing decisions.

Your Benefit

Your innovation team  will collapse the time to innovation from years to months, the time to ROI from typically over 10 years to about 3 years, unparalleled predictability of the innovation outcome and manageability including highly innovation critical KPIs and team comparisons.

We are one of the first enterprise software companies built on AI from the ground up and developed ways to let specialized AI models network with each other.

BlueCallom AI an unparalleled innovation experience