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Why Pursue Open Innovation?

Open innovation is a frequently-used term that brings a variety of imagery to mind: collaboration, intellectual property, startups, and co-creation. But most importantly, open innovation involves “combining internal and external ideas” to bring new business concepts to life. As an innovation strategy, open innovation serves as a pathway to integrate external perspectives (i.e., from users)  […]

Innovation Thought Leader Circle – February 2021

During the first week of February, the BlueCallom team brought innovation leaders worldwide together at the BlueCallom virtual Innovation Thought Leader Circle event. The Innovation Thought Leader Circle series provides a space where a select group of innovation professionals comes together virtually to share best practices, insights around innovation management, and advanced learning in innovation.  […]

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BlueCallom in the making

A billion-dollar innovation is not done with a few brainstorming meetings. We started with a big problem (see history below) and have the vision to develop technology for innovation teams to innovate like never before imaginable. Now we are ready to go. Ready to Callomize On Wed, Oct 15, we introduced our “Neuro Ideation” methodology. […]