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Innovation Career Path

Innovation is the next frontier in career development for any human. The BlueCallom Academy Programs are designed to unleash a human’s most precious talent, that every human is born with, ingenuity. Start your Innovation Career path with BlueCallom today.

How Innovation Executive Training enhances your innovation leadership

Five areas where this program will make a difference to you:

  1. Understanding that innovation is no more serendipity but strategic engagement.
  2. Knowing what innovation teams you need to get to disruptive innovation.
  3. Realizing what you can request from your innovation leaders.
  4. Helping your board, unions, political leaders to deal with disruptive innovation.
  5. Finding great ways to leverage KPIs and innovation results for your annual report. 

Direct your innovation needs in a very strategic manner

Gain a high-level understanding of Neuro Innovation, get inspired how you could get to disruptive innovation, and know what you can expect from your innovation management team.

Disruptive innovation is the most powerful competitive advantage of all. However, so far, enterprises have delivered only improvements. The disruption came from startups. The objective of this program is to help executives get to groundbreaking innovation. The program also shall help executives guide their innovation management teams to predictable results and how the management teams can answer a few key questions: “What do I physically do to think innovative”. And if such a project reaches the executive level, the program explains why it was virtually impossible to convince boards, shareholder representatives, unions, policymakers, and other parties to support such a project, despite the request for more innovation – and how to change that.

The program provides a comprehensive overview of the new Neuro Innovation Design model and why it is dedicated to groundbreaking innovation. You will not need to become an innovation expert to know what you can expect from your leadership team and how it should be composed. We make a deep dive into the structural aspects of an innovation effort, innovation capitalization, innovation KPIs, innovation management and systems, innovation team building, and talent acquisition, as well as the entire innovation complex of a global enterprise.


Introducing the BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy 2021 Programs. In this webinar, we discussed how innovation will shift from randomness to professional, the new methods leading to data like no other in today’s innovation space, and how BlueCallom’s academy certificates will play a key role in your innovation career.

Read more about and watch the free webinar.

Who is this for?

Executives needing to direct their company towards more innovation, board members, shareholders, union leaders, industry associations, economists, government representatives.


As a BCIE you can join the Global Innovation Executive Alumni group. This is only available for executives to stay connected to explore and discuss innovation-related topics on an executive level. The Academy will coordinate connections, events, or whatever the group suggests maintaining the connections.

Brochure for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training

What you will learn

In the BlueCallom Innovation Executive Training (BCIE), everything you learn is based on modern neuroscience and years of innovation practice in building repeatedly disruptive businesses.

  • Why we can move away from random creativity
  • How to craft a corporate innovation strategy
  • What performance can you expect from a top innovation team
  • How to assemble an innovation leadership team
  • How to judge all critical aspects of innovation projects
  • How to finance disruptive and groundbreaking innovation
  • What risks to consider in innovation projects
  • What to consider when innovating in public companies
  • How to leverage executive innovation dashboard systems

Skills you will acquire

  • Enterprise innovation leadership skills
  • Enterprise innovation strategy development skills
  • Innovation management team-building skills
  • Innovation opportunity identification skills
  • Innovation financing and management skills
  • Innovation-to-market skills

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training Axel Schultze, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

Innovation Executive Training (BCDE)
Program Details & Application

ID 205180

  • 1-weeks, instructor-led online training
  • 2 days of 3-hour sessions each
  • Max. 16 attendees
  • Total of 2 sessions

At present day, all our training are conducted online. BlueCallom is professionally connected via ultra-high-speed fiber connections to the Internet. We are using HD cameras and professional audio equipment.
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