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Certified Deep Innovation Design Team Manager (BCDT) Program

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Innovation Team Management


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Innovation Career Path

Innovation is the next frontier in career development for any human. The BlueCallom Academy Programs are designed to unleash a human’s most precious talent, that every human is born with, ingenuity. Start your Innovation Career path with BlueCallom today.

How the BCDT program enhances your innovation career

Five areas where this most advanced innovation development method helps you:

  1. Enhancing your management skills by running a complete innovation project.
  2. Building up new inspirational qualities for faster innovation results.
  3. Adding serious predictability into innovation management reporting.
  4. Getting new insight into innovation financing with a higher funding rate.
  5. Significantly ramping innovation success rate by having better KPIs and manageability. 


Learn to manage an entire project and make it successful.

This program’s objective is to learn every aspect of managing a Deep Innovation Design project from start to finish. You will be able to assemble your initial team, craft a strategy from scratch, navigate the team through all episodes, and complete the project by scaling the innovation successfully in the market.

In the previous programs, you learn everything about the Deep Innovation Design method and how it can be applied. In this program, you learn how to manage an innovation team of exceptional minds to get to truly disruptive innovation that generates revenue and a return on investment.


Introducing the BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy 2021 Programs. In this webinar, we discussed how innovation will shift from randomness to professional, the new methods leading to data like no other in today’s innovation space, and how BlueCallom’s academy certificates will play a key role in your innovation career.

Read more about and watch the free webinar.

The Art of Innovation Team Leadership

Lead a team of innovative minds to success.

Today innovation management is one of the most attractive career opportunities.  The Innovation Manager is the equivalent of a Startup CEO. Whether you are a business manager in any size business, a product manager, or have any other managerial position, teaching students, or in the public sector, you will need to know, how innovation is managed.

In this course, you will combine the learning from the Deep Innovation Design program and the learning from applying Deep Innovation Design in a software application, with the management needs to lead an entire project. You will get insights into the “Back Stage” of the application which helps to navigate a team through each episode of the innovation journey, prepare reports that build the foundation for the next episode, and organize executive presentations for a flow of updates that prepares the executive’s mind for the final innovation.

Who is this for?

Managers aiming to manage an innovation project or innovation department and an entire innovation lifecycle.

Brochure - Innovation Team Manager - BCIM Training

Skills you will acquire

Each of the skills are based on a dedicated Innovation Journey method.

  • Innovation team leadership skills
  • Innovation strategy building skills
  • Innovation team assembly skills
  • Innovation project management skills
  • Innovation finance management skills
  • Vision communication skills
  • Innovation time management skills
  • Innovation success management skills

What you will learn

Everything you learn is built on top of the previous programs for a successful innovation team leadership.

  • How to prepare an innovation project using Bluecallom
  • How to assemble your initial team to kick off a BlueCallom
  • How to prepare each episode that will help the team to be most effective
  • How to manage the first innovation opportunity discovery
  • How to craft the innovation strategy based on the team’s research
  • How to set budgets, timelines, and KPIs for your BlueCallom innovation projects
  • How to involve customers and partners in the innovation project
  • How to manage each innovation episode and how to involve the executive team
  • How to prepare each episode closing and assess data, KPIs, budgets, and timelines
  • How to manage reporting and the dashboard, automatic data consolidation across projects
  • How to keep up with innovation culture and team creativity.

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck, instructor for Innovation Team Manager - BCIM Training Axel Schultze, instructor for Innovation Team Manager - BCIM Training

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

Certified Deep Innovation Design Team Manager (BCDT)
Program Details & Application

ID 205110

  • 3-weeks, instructor-led online training
  • Two 3-hour sessions per week
  • Online exam at the end of the program
  • Max. 20 attendees
  • Total of 6 sessions

At present day, all our training are conducted online. BlueCallom is professionally connected via ultra-high-speed fiber connections to the Internet. We are using HD cameras and professional audio equipment.
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