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Partnering with BlueCallom

Why we team up

The BlueCallom Team has a long history of partner-focused businesses. We know that 1+1 is more than two when it comes to scaling a business.

What we are looking for

We are looking for business partners who understand their customers’ pressure to innovate and the need for a systematic and success-oriented approach. To support the various needs of our customers we are looking for different types of partners who are either specialized in certain areas or offer a complete implementation service:

&Training Partners
You will provide Deep Innovation Design training or our Extended Design Thinking Training.  You are experienced in providing training for innovation managers and teams and will get trained by us for our methodical models.
You have professional trainers or you are an individual trainer with the respective reputation.
You will participate in our train the trainer programs and be authorized as a training partner.

l Consulting Partners
You will provide consulting services, potentially training, guide your customers through the innovation process from idea development to market entry. You are open to work independently or provide your expertise and resource in BlueCallom managed projects.
You have a consulting company with professional consultants or you are an individual experienced consultant in the innovation space.
You will participate in our Deep Innovation Design training and be authorized as a consulting partner.

V Market Development Partners
You have a network of business managers and like to help them become more innovative. You prefer to make the connections but don’t want to get involved in training, consulting, or implementation.
You have existing companies as clients which may be interested in innovation methods and technology.
You will participate in our Deep Innovation Design training and be authorized as a Market Development Partner.

% Implementation Partners
You have customers that expect the full implementation service provided by you. You train their team, you provide the consulting, you offer support and help with the innovation strategy.
You have an implementation company and are used to implement business solutions with a full-service program. You will participate in our Deep Innovation Design training, train-the-trainer program, and our implementation program.
You will be authorized as an implementation partner.

Sills and Capacities

Authorized partners, once trained, will be able to offer and perform the following services, depending on their partner level:

  • Innovation readiness and needs assessments
  • Innovation strategy development
  • Innovation Dream Team Assembly
  • Deep Innovation Design training
  • Conducting Innovation Development Workshops
  • Moderating Innovation Design Processes
  • BlueCallom system implementation


BlueCallom’s Deep Innovation Design method represents a full scope innovation management method from early Innovation Opportunity Discovery to full market or organizational implementation and scaling.  The core business value of Bluecallom is a significant acceleration of the innovation timeline and a substantial reduction of financial risks for each innovation project.

Partner Benefits

A truly unique solution
Developing groundbreaking innovation is quite a challenge for most enterprises from around the world. The BlueCallom Deep Innovation Design method and corresponding BlueCallom DEEP technology, delivers a complete end-to-end innovation solution.

Free training and support
All training and support efforts we undertake for our partners are investments in you. All programs are free of charge.

Partner Start Accelerator
Any start is the hardest part. We will help you with sales leads or how to best acquire your first leads. We are happy to help with joint sales calls so you get up to speed much faster. Even your first service contracts we will be here to help.

Market entry opportunity
If you are fascinated by the innovation space and you have some good ideas to start we will help you enter the innovation space and build a successful practice.

Dedicated Project Support
All authorized partners can expect dedicated support from us. Your customers are our customers and we will never let them down. While you take the first-line support, we will always be there for any questions or needed solutions.

Zero sales conflicts
We will never compete with our partners – this is contractually guaranteed. We know the pain from channel conflicts and we know how to avoid them. Our deal registration system locks our resources for the first partner registering a deal.

Sales and marketing material
We provide you with all sales and marketing material you need to be successful.

If this seems like a good match for you, please get in touch or apply to learn more about BlueCallom Partnerships.

Partner Application


If you are interested in becoming an authorized and trained  Innovation Paradigm Partner, helping your clients make a quantum leap in innovation development, please apply here:

* Implementation Partner = You do business solution implementations and provide strategy consulting, training, and implementation services
* Consulting/Coaching Partner = You are a business consultant or have a consulting firm
* Training Partner = You are a trainer or have a training company
* Market Development Partner = You help build the market and make referrals