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BlueCallom Beta Training Feb 25, 2021

BlueCallom Beta User Training (online)

How to best start and leverage BlueCallom Beta

Deep Innovation Design Crash Course
For BlueCallom Beta Users

Disruptive ideas and innovation concepts were some of the hardest things to do. Mainly because nobody really knew how those ideas had been created. Nobody can plan random occurrences. Our founders had created four disruptive businesses – still also had no idea how it happened. They found the answers thanks to their connection to the neuroscience field.

In this training, you will learn how neuro ideation is creating ideas very consciously.

Ideas – no matter how disruptive – are only the igniting spark. Transmitting those disruptive concepts to customers for idea validation is another challenge where neuroscience was very helpful. And the same goes for funding. How should a highly cash-focused, and conservative CFO release a highly innovative idea? It’s all about concept transmitting skills to differently wired people. We show you how.


Feb 25, 2021
15:00 pm – 18:00 pm CET
am – 12:00 am EST 



Feb 25, 2021
9:00 am – 12:00 pm CET
15:00 – 18:00 ICT

  • Intro to the Deep Innovation Design model
  • Innovation Dream Team assembly
  • Setting up an innovation project (Create a BlueCallom)  (NHJ(
  • Creativity is lateral – today’s innovation processes are linear.
  • Digital canvas usage with the key methods
    • Innovation Opportunity Discovery
    • Neuro ideation
    • Idea Validation
    • Innovation Financing
    • Innovation to market model
  • The executive dashboard and KPI management
  • Q&A


The BlueCallom Beta User Training will help you get all the necessary inputs to start your first BlueCallom (innovation project).
1) Ability to set up a system, invite a team and start right away
2) Ability to moderate a neuro ideation session
3) Deliver first results to management within the two weeks and more in the weeks to come.


Hope to see you at the BlueCallom Beta User Training
Upon registering for the webinar, participants will receive an invitation with a link to join the webinar via a Zoom meeting. The training is free but registration is required in order to get the link.


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BlueCallom Beta User Training