Black Friday 2023

Why shouldn’t we do something crazy too?

Black Friday 2023 - BlueCallom AI blowing your mind

On this Black Friday 2023,
we want to blow your mind

Fusing Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, was a totally crazy idea

Building a package that gets you to a breakthrough after two day training is even more  crazy

But offering this now for €/$/CHF 1,888 is probably the craziest over 50% saving

Regular price €/$/CHF 5’800


Disruptors Boot Camp 2024

For a corporate Unicorn or building your own unicorn

Re-Imagine Innovation


The BRAIN is the source of all ideas. Complexity is not its real fortune. AI is the source of the worlds knowledge in a system that can see complex relationships. Intuitive creativity based on a purpose, reflecting the Universe is not exactly a great task for any kind of what we call AI.


But putting both together unfolds an intellectual energy like a Fusion Reactor. It’s not an improvement to innovation, it is a seismic shift in creation.


Two day intense workshop on January 18/19, 2024 in Zürich or online.

Building your corporate Unicorn with BlueCallom

Corporate Unicorn – not corporate startup

Disruptor Boot Camp Jan.18/19 in Zürich or online

AGENDA DAY 1 | Jan 18

08:30 Introduction
08:45 Neuroscience Perspective on Innovation
09:45 Leading by Disruptive Innovation – Innovation strategy
—– 10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 The magic inside Generative AI for innovators
11:45 Innovation Dream Team Composition and Culture
—–  12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Innovation is a journey – Innovation Framework
14:15 Deep Innovation design | Full Scope Innovation
—– 15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Deep Innovation Design | Non linear process handling
16:00 The power of an Neuro-AI-Fusion Innovation Development System
16:45 Q+A
—– 17:00 End of Day 1

AGENDA DAY 2 | Jan 19

Using a fully equipped Generative AI software
08:30 Creating your first innovation journey
09:00 Assessing the market and its major challenges
10:00 Coffee break
10:15 Creating your first breakthrough concept
11:30 Validating the concept in your market
12:15 Lunch break
13:15 Innovation Financing
14:00 Solution Building
14:45 Coffee break
15:00 Innovation-to-Market
16:00 Exponential Growth and scaling
16:45 Q+A
17:00 End of this Boot Camp

The ultimate Black Friday 2023 and Black Week 2023 special

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Think MUCH Bigger

Think big, think bold, think outside the box…  is not big enough.

Before we started BlueRoads we believed that this is true. Especially as our two founders build two multibillion dollar companies from scratch. They said this too. But after understanding how our brain composes ideas, how billions of neurons wire together and fire together, how this can be stimulated because things changed. No idea ever created was accidental. A healthy brain won’t do that. And the wiring of 86 billion Neurons and 4 trillion Synapsis would not waste time to run accidental experiences. Moreover, the neuronal network in our brain does for more than thinking, it’s just a small part of it.

Our CEO has been in tech for more than he likes to admit. Long enough to have played with one of the first neural networks, when he worked at Rockwell and built innovative solutions for NASA. In 2020 he and his wife returned from retirement and played again with an rather unknown tool called GPT-3 – a year before Chat GPT was announced. This neural network had the power to do things like our brain can do.

3) Neuro-AI-Fusion was the objective

Imagine, connecting a human neural network and an artificial neural network. What sounds like Sci-Fi is done today. Today we can connect both with a wireless connection. We don’t need an implant, no buttons, and no hole into the scull. With that, the human brain can offload highly complex thoughts and gets structured options back.