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Officially Announcing BlueCallom

Today we would like to officially introduce the BlueCallom AG / Corp. We will share why we are in business, where we want to take it. How we make a major difference in innovation:

BlueCallom Key Values

  • Accountability in, and manageability of the entire innovation life span.
  • Enterprise-grade multi-business unit innovation management.
  • Executive dashboard with global data consolidation.
  • New innovation opportunity discovery replacing experimentation and hoping.
  • Neuro Ideation replacing yellow stickies, brainstorming and pivoting.
  • Disruptive business model development as a method.
  • Strategic and methodical idea validation.
  • Methodical innovation financing before a penny is invested in prototyping.
  • Innovation-to-market as a unique success model off the beaten path.
  • Scaling across all areas, sales, marketing, production, cultures, audience types.
  • Product innovation | Business Model Innovation | Experience innovation |
    Organizational Innovation | Structural Innovation | Industry-specific innovation.
  • Unique talent navigation through the Innovation Dream Team assembly function.
  • The ultimate advantage is the fastest way to groundbreaking innovation by leveraging a methodical, neuroscience-based, and highly data-driven management solution.


Nov 25, 2020
9:30 am – 10:30 am CET
11:30 pm – 12:30 pm EAT
03:30 pm – 04:30 pm ICT


Working with some of the largest Airlines, Tech Giants, Pharmaceutical Companies, Financial Services Companies, Food Companies, Healthcare providers in the world gave us an unparalleled insight into the innovation space and its extreme challenges overcoming the lack of success in creating truly groundbreaking innovation at will.


9:30 – Welcome and background BlueCallom AG
9:40 – Ideas are no serendipity – Earth is not a disk
9:45 – Challenges with groundbreaking innovation
10:00 – Changing the way we innovate.
Disrupting the act of innovation.
From random idea hunt to strategic innovation at will
Demystifying ideation and innovation
Where will we take it?
10:15 – Q+A


Maybe we all will feel a bit like Pythagoras 2,500 years ago telling people that earth is not a disk. Innovative ideas are no serendipity. Modern neuroscience knows that for a while – we just never looked at applying neuroscientific discoveries to business.

But the day we do, our view of the world changes like 2,500 years ago.

You will most likely realize that how we innovated in the past wasn’t anybody’s mistake. It simply could not work the way we approach innovation.

We trust that the event’s result is to do what we began to do 3 years ago – completely re-thinking innovation.

Today we are introducing a method to innovate as nobody could imagine before. To use that method efficiently, we developed an innovation management platform that allows teams to get guidance throughout the entire innovation life span and managers to understand where each innovation team stands.



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Innovation Life Span Management

Sorry, there is no Innovation Life Cycle. All innovation has an end and those who have been disrupted experienced that end already. Hence there is only an Innovation Life Span. In order to manage that life span, we need to exactly know when we need to start re-innovating. Like we have a disaster continuation program, we need an innovation continuation program, we call it Innovation Continuum Model.