Slide thumbnailFusing Artificial Intelligence and NeuroscienceBlueCallom.AI Innovation Software

BlueCallom AI key aspects

1) Intelligent innovation workspace
Leveraging not only our own AI system but others like GPT-X and Dall-E.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance
It is almost impossible to fail to create the next breakthrough

3) End-to-End Neuro Innovation Design Process
Building breakthrough concepts in a non-linear manner

4) Intelligent KPI Framework
Providing teams the guidance and executives with the prediction

5) Enterprise-grade Software
Put all your innovation teams and their data in one dashboard 

BlueCallom AI breakthrough

The breakthrough in making Innovation repeatable, manageable, and predictable was possible by fusing AI and Neuroscience. Understanding the neural behavior of the brain when innovating, its neuro triggers and drivers on one side, and the knowledge of artificial neural networks, Large Language Models, and Generative Adversarial Networks allows us to build a system that was just a few years ago, said to be impossible.

1) Intelligent Innovation Workspace

Neuro Ideation Stimulation, Automatic KPI feed, Auto-Report generation

BlueCallom AI Intelligent Workspace

Neuro Innovation

A methodical approach to brain stimulation.

    Four significant software-aided brain stimulation steps for best Neuro Ideation performance.

    GPT-4 empowered technology and market research.

    Ability to invite outside users for feedback or complete open innovation projects.

    All inputs can be ranked, rated, analyzed, and used for idea confluence.

    The digital multi-user canvas can be accessed 24×7 by every teammate. Whenever ideas arise.

BlueCallom De-Administration

Moving repeatable admin work to the AI

    All innovation-relevant KPI data will be aggregated by the system in the background so that no KPI data need to be reported by the team.

    The intelligent Innovation KPI Framework processes 20,000+ data points leveraging AI-driven predictive models to help users achieve their goals and get alerts when they risk failing.

    All reports from work performed in the system will be compiled automatically by BlueCallom.AI and generated in a standard PDF format for management.

    The intelligent workspace creates task vectors to be shared with the IIPGS system for easy navigation through multi-year processes.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Process Guidance

Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance System

BlueCallom AI KPI-Framework

Your Process GPS

An intelligent digital mentor, “Mentoha,” is guiding you through the non-linear innovation process, no matter how long it will be. The navigation has many different opportunities to help you get to your goal:

    You can ask, “What can I do next” and the system assesses all the tasks in a given episode, what the team has done so far, and suggests the most critical next activity that helps you and the team to get to the objectives. It uses the massive KPI-Framework for the assessment. It is your Innovation Process GPS.
    You’ll be able to tell the mentor what you’d like to do and figure out where to forward you.
    It tells you the next meetings, tasks, or other events.
    You can talk to “Mentoha” or read its responses on the screen.

Non-Linear Process Navigation

Innovation is never linear. The lateral process inside BlueCallom.AI helps teams to consider things that are relevant in the future and looks back to remember what was decided or highly relevant in the past steps of the process.

  • Functional or procedural outlook
  • Considerations from past steps

3) BlueCallom AI for End-to-End Innovation Management

A modular way to host different methods

BlueCallom AI Innovation Journey Map

End-to-End Innovation Process

Going End-to-End

BlueCallom AI is the first innovation management software that is genuinely going End-to-End. It did not evolve from project management or other management tools. Instead, it was developed from the ground up as a creative innovation process solution. It is also not specialized for one of the many innovation tasks but a fully integrated stand-alone solution for an end-to-end innovation journey. The innovation process starts long before idea development, with an innovation opportunity discovery, and finishes only when the solution is successful in its designated market. Moreover, it handles an Innovation Continuum process so that the company can continuously innovate.

Non-Linear Process

Innovation is a lateral process. Teams must think about solutions for situations ahead of time and also look back to ensure that certain strategy aspects or market feedback are not overseen in a process that may take five years or more. Since this is quite difficult for individuals, the process is entirely digitized, and an AI system reminds users about certain aspects whenever it’s time to do so.

Neuro Innovation Design

Platform for NDI

BlueCallom.AI is the platform to use the End-to-End Neuro Innovation Design method. The entire process contains ten separate yet interconnected episodes. Each episode contains a strategic set of neuroscience-inspired tasks that teams perform with the help of BlueCallom.AI.

Networked Technology Approach

Each of the ten Episodes has its dedicated canvas in the intelligent workspace, allowing idea creation, AI-supported research, customer feedback, content ranking, automated KPI aggregation, leverages the IIPGS, and has its dedicated, episode-related reporting. BlueCallom.AI represents a completely Networked Technology approach.

4) BlueCallom AI with intelligent KPI-Framework

Making Innovation Success Predictable

BlueCallom AI KPI-Framework

KPI-Framework Description

BlueCallom.AI was the first line of code developed with a full-scale corporate KPI model in mind. Lack of insights, predictability, peer group data, and so forth is one reason innovation is such a fuzzy engagement. That includes the KPI design process itself.

The BlueCallom KPI-Framework is designed with roughly 500 innovation-specific ‘performance indicators’ in mind. A team of ten has a typical KPI footprint of roughly 50,000 data points. Instead of manually reporting activities, BlueCallom.AI does it automatically in the background. The biggest beneficiary from that model is not the management team but the innovation team itself. Before the system reports are generated for management, the intelligent mentor alerts teams of missing actions, weak performances, etc., so they can engage in corrective actions independently. 

Eventually, the performance indicator data form solid KPIs to help management stay on top of the process. 

  • Executive dashboard for enterprise-level, simultaneous innovation efforts 
  • Enterprise-grade report consolidation over four hierarchy levels or more from hundreds of innovation teams worldwide.
  • Corporate rights and rules structure for access protection and data integrity.

Data Model


  • Amount and quality of ideas
  • Market research
  • Customer feedback
  • Degree of innovation
  • Innovation Confluence (Ideation Stimulation)
  • Idea validation level (Market side)
  • Team diversity level
  • Success Probability
  • Innovation Risk Assessment


  • Innovation time
    • Time to innovate, to validate, to market…
    • Time allocation and actual comparison
  • Budget consumption
    • Budget to innovate, validate, to market…
    • Budget allocation and actual consumption
  • Innovation ROI


  • Innovation team performance comparison
  • Innovation results comparison
  • Innovation flow analysis

5) Enterprise Grade Software

Multiple departments, countries, division

BlueCallom AI Dashboard
BlueCallom AI Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise ready design


  • Executive Dashboards
  • Country/Department Related Dashboards
  • Team manger Dashboard
  • Team Dashboards


  • Multiple Innovation Teams
  • Multiple Divisions/Departments
  • Multiple Countries
  • Multiple Management Levels
  • Report Consolidation
  • Entity Comparison

Enterprise license management

  • Account Owner
    • A dedicated user, e.g., bookkeeping, having only access to licenses
    • Can order new licenses or retire old licenses
    • Can create additional account owners
    • Can assign licenses to managers or department/country heads
  • Department / Country Heads
    • Can request or return licenses from the license owner
    • Can assign or decommission licenses to team managers
  • Team ManagersCan request or return licenses from the license owner
    • Can assign or decommission licenses