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BlueCallom Partner Opportunity

The innovation world is full of amazing methodologies. There is a method for every piece of the Innovation Journey. But there are no dedicated systems for those methods. This is why BlueCalllom’s Innovation Framework is now open for development partners to implement their methods like Design Thinking, Stage-Gate, Triz, Horizon, BlueOcean, and many others or different versions of those methods on our system.  Moreover, consulting firms with a mission to help their clients overcome the innovation challenges, work with BlueCallom‘s AI-driven Neuro Innovation Management Platform.

l Corporate Partnership

Corporate partnerships are typical with company internal innovation support organizations that support innovation teams from all over the enterprise. Here is how we may help:
* Knowledge transfer & education
* Innovation success strategy support
* Innovation Dream Team assembly
* Disruptive innovation technology platform
* Event collaboration

~ Development Partner

BlueCallom Business Partner For DevelopmentDevelopment partners can migrate their method easily onto BlueCallom DEEP. DEEP has a method-independent Innovation Framework allowing you to add your method to the BlueCallom library of methods. You are able to develop templates that are specific to your method, helping innovation teams get through the process. Probably the biggest value on top of having a platform, including getting fully integrated into our intelligent Innovation KPI Framework, access to our AI-System, leveraging our Gamification, customizing the Natural Language Processing engine to your liking, leveraging the Neuro Ideation method to amplify your exiting ideation process and much more.
You have profound knowledge of the innovation method you are implementing. You don’t need any coding skills but are very computer proficient. You have successfully completed innovation projects with your customer or within your company.

& Consulting Partners

BlueCallom Business Partner For ConsultingYou are interested in providing consulting services and potentially training. You are guiding your customers through the innovation process from idea development to market success. You understand the typical life cycle of an innovation ranges between 5 to 10 years and consumes 8 to 10 digit investments. You have access to the respective C-Level in order to get an innovation project going – Innovation is a CEO Mandate.
You belong to a consulting company with professional consultants able to service corporate clients. You have a proven track record in innovation management strategy implementation and understand the need to have innovation teams with respective cognitive abilities.

Skills and Capacities

Authorized partners, once trained, will be able to offer and perform the following services, depending on their partner level:

  • Enterprise Consulting Experience
  • Innovation readiness and needs assessments
  • Innovation strategy development
  • Innovation Dream Team Assembly
  • Innovation process or methodology training
  • Moderating Innovation Design Processes
  • BlueCallom system implementation


BlueCallom‘s AI-driven innovation management platform with its End-to-End Deep Innovation Design method represents a full scope innovation management method from early Innovation Opportunity Discovery to full market deployment or organizational implementation and scaling.  The core business value of Bluecallom is a significant acceleration of the innovation timeline and a substantial reduction of financial risks for each innovation project.

Partner Benefits

A truly unique solution
Developing breakthrough innovation is quite a challenge for most enterprises from around the world. The BlueCallom DEEP technology, an AI-driven Neuro Innovation Management solution offers a radically new way to conduct innovation. The end-to-end innovation solution can incorporate existing methods such as Design Thinking, Stage-Gate. Horizon and many others. Any method used in BlueCallom benefits enormously from its intelligent KPI-Framework and its AI system.

Free training and support
All training and support efforts we undertake for our partners are investments in you. All programs are free of charge.

Partner Business Accelerator
Any start is the hardest part of a journey. We will help you as well as we can to get you started with BlueCallom. We are happy to help with joint sales calls so you get up to speed much faster. Even with your first contracts, we will be here to help.

Dedicated Project Support
All authorized partners can expect dedicated support from us. Your customers are our customers and we will never let a customer go down. While you take the first-line support, we will always be there for any questions or needed solutions.

Zero sales conflicts
We will never compete with our partners – this is contractually guaranteed. We know the pain of channel conflicts and we know how to avoid them. Our deal registration system locks our resources for the first partner registering a deal.

Sales and marketing material
We provide you with all sales and marketing material you need to be successful.

Joint marketing engagements
We work with our partners through all our marketing initiatives whether they are campaigns, conferences, events, or other activities.

If this seems like a good match for you, please get in touch or apply to learn more about becoming a BlueCallom Partner.

Explore the BlueCallom Partnership

If you are interested in becoming a BlueCallom Partner, please help us understand the cornerstones of your business, and will explore the opportunity together. For us, it is extremely important that there is a real fit, a joint engagement, and a common ground.

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The methods you or your team have profound skills.