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BlueCallom Experience – from zero to innovation in 8 weeks

BlueCallom Experience is a unique disruptive innovation development experience for innovation teams. In 8 weeks from zero to innovation.


8 Weeks


16 Sessions

Two half-day sessions per week
Team Days

Delivery Mode

Instructor-led online training

BlueCallom Software


Start Date

on request

Course ID

ID 205411
(Team 3+)


$26,400 per Team of 5-20


Certificates for each attendee

Academy Course Overview

 Certification Programs

Foundation Level Master Level Executive Level Corp. Team Program
Certified Deep Innovation Design Champion (BCDC)

Jun 28

Certified Innovation Team Manager (BCIM)


Certified Innovation Executive (BCIE)

Oct 11

BLC Innovation Experience

On request


BlueCallom Experience 2021 - Feature Manage an entire innovation project
BlueCallom Experience 2021 - Feature Become a key player in the most advanced innovation project technique 
BlueCallom Experience 2021 - Feature Bring your ideas to market
BlueCallom Experience 2021 - Feature Learn every aspect of the entire Innovation Journey Map

From Zero to Awesome in Eight Weeks

BlueCallom Experience 2021 is an eight-week program to experience the power of Neuro Ideation and Deep Innovation Design. Attendees will be guided from the start, where most teams don’t know how to begin to a finish line where you are preparing your disruptive innovation to enter the market. Innovation is a process loaded with counterintuitive steps. You will experience that brainstorming is a nice warm-up for the mind but can never achieve disruptive innovation. You will learn what the unique innovation team composition is so important. We will guide you through a fast strategy session, a two-week ideation process, and a one-week idea validation process with unique techniques. From here, we work together on innovation financing, preparing a minimum viable product (MVP) in one week, and prepare the market entry for a market-born product.

Who is BlueCallom Experience for?

This program is dedicated to innovation teams. The min team size is 3, ideally 6-8 and max. 10 people.

Teams attending the program will work on a specific innovation project. The project will need to be decided prior to starting the program. We provide guidance and support to discover innovation opportunities, three weeks prior to the program start.

What you will learn at BlueCallom Experience 2021

Unlike in general training, you learn by practicing and experiencing the BlueCallom Innovation Methods to get from start to groundbreaking innovation.

  • How to set up an innovation strategy
  • How to assemble and lead an innovation management team
  • How to seek, identify, and capture innovation opportunities
  • How to manage a modern neuro-ideation process to create innovations on demand
  • How to conduct a field-based idea validation process
  • How to come up with a disruptive business model
  • How to develop an innovation financing plan
  • How to orchestrate an innovation to market plan
  • How to work with an innovation management system software
BlueCallom Experience 2021 - Certificate

Skills you will acquire

Innovation project design skills

Deep Innovation Design process skills

Basic neuro ideation skills

Basic idea validation skills

Basic innovation financing skills

Basic Innovation-to-Market skills

Innovation research skills

Target audience interview skills

Disruptive innovation development skills

Disruptive business development skills

Idea validation skills

Innovation presentation skills

Innovation financing skills

Innovation culture support skills

Innovation realization skills

Innovation to market skills

Innovation team leadership skills

Innovation strategy building skills

Innovation team assembly skills

Innovation project management skills

Innovation finance management skills

Vision communication skills

Innovation time management skills

Innovation success management skills

Innovation Journey Map - BlueCallom Experience 2021

BlueCallom Experience 2021 Program Agenda

Boot Camp Week

Day 1 | Mon

  • Deep Innovation Design Concept
  • Innovation Opportunity Discovery
  • Neuro Ideation Process
  • Innovation Strategy Model and development

Team Days | Tue – Thu

You will be busy creating the innovation strategy and prepare the start of the innovation process.

Day 2 | Thu

  • Idea Validation Method
  • Innovation Financing
  • Innovation Realization / Business Model
  • Innovation Implementation / Go-to-Market
  • Exploring tasks for the following weeks

WEEK 1 | Customer needs and dreams analysis

Day 1 | Mon

  • Needs and Dreams Analysis concept
  • Interview preparation
  • Customer engagement

Team Days | Tue – Thu
Customer engagement

Day 2 | Fri
Analysis workshop

WEEK 2-3 | Neuro Ideation

Day 5 | Mon

  • Warmup session for the brain – similar to conventional brainstorming
  • Document the results
  • Neuro Ideation process with all participants

Team Days | Tue – Thu
Exploring the post brainstorming results

Day 7 | Mon

  • CallomBurst session
  • Ideation Summit preparation
  • Summary

WEEK 4 | Vision Development

Day 7 | Mon

  • Ideation results compilation
  • Idea pieces timeline
  • Presentation preparation

Team Days | Tues – Thurs

Ideas analysis and chronologic vision line-up.

Day 8 | Thu

  • Vision presentation

WEEK 5 | Market Validation

Day 9 | Mon

  • Vision presentation
  • Idea Validation Process

Team Days | Tues – Thurs

Conduct the idea validation process.

Day 10 | Fri

  • Partner identification
  • Disruptive Business Model development
  • Management presentation

WEEK 6 | Innovation Financing

Day 11 | Mon

  • Innovation Financing
  • Internal or external funding
  • Detailed preparation

Team Days | Tues – Wed

Working on financial planning, presentations, and communication strategy

Day 12 | Thu

CFO / Investor presentation.

WEEK 7 | MVP building

Day 13 | Mon

  • MVP Characteristics
  • Innovation specific aspects
  • Development team

Team Days | Tues – Wed

Working on financial planning, presentations, and communication strategy

Day 14 | Fri

  • Product presentation
  • Go-to-market features
  • The MVP signature feature

WEEK 8 | Innovation to Market

Day 15 | Mon

  • Innovation to Market strategy
  • Early adopter definition
  • Social marketing and more

Team Days | Tue – Thu

  • Strategy development
  • Go-to-market approach


Graduation | Thu

  • Review, certificates, going forward from here
  • Success celebrations
  • *Special part for World Innovations Day Contest Winners

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck - BlueCallom Experience 2021 Axel Schultze - BlueCallom Experience 2021

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

BlueCallom Experience – Program Details & Application

ID 205411 | $26,400 / team (up to 20 attendees)

  • 8-weeks, instructor-led online training
  • 2 half-day sessions per week plus Q+A
  • 3 online exams during the program
  • Total of 16 sessions, 3 exams + Graduation