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Your Innovation Sandbox

BlueCallom EXPLORE The Model

BlueCallom EXPLORE is your sandbox to explore the BlueCallom.AI Innovations Solution.

There is a reason why Innovation is such a hard nut to crack. Not because it is complicated.  It is wildly misunderstood what it takes to create one of those billion Euro breakthrough innovations.

Always consider this: There are 500,000 companies with more than 250 employees worldwide. But there are only 1,600 disruptive Unicorns. the other 498,400 just improve what they had for years.

We created an Innovation Framework based on the experience of our founders who founded 2 Unicorns, had three unicorns in their Accelerator, and because of that have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to get an innovative idea in the market.  We highly recommend downloading and study the BlueCallom Innovations Framework before you start – it’s free. 

BlueCallom EXPLORE The System

1) Intelligent innovation workspace
Leveraging our Generative-AI and powerful innovation process management.

2) Intelligent User Guidance
Thanks to the AI-driven intelligent user guidance it is almost impossible to fail creating the next breakthrough

3) End-to-End Innovation Process
Work with the two most inspiring innovation episodes, “Needs & Dreams” and “Neuro Ideation” for free. If you want to ensure product-market-fit, innovation financing, innovation-t0-market, growth, and scaling, upgrade to the full edition and master the entire process.

4) Intelligent KPI Framework
Experience the KPI-Framework that works completely in the background and drives our AI system to navigate you through the process.

BlueCallom EXPLORE for the first innovation steps

BlueCallom AI Innovation Journey Map

Innovation Sandbox

Getting started

BlueCallom EXPLORE is helping you get started and a feel for how BlueCallom works. To make it easy, we make the first two of 5 or 8 Episodes available for you to test it out. You don’t really need to learn using the software but possible a training to understand the methodology. Again, there is a reason why so many of even the biggest companies fail – and size is not the reason.
You will start by finding out what would be a good opportunity to innovate. If you know what it would be, cool. If you don’t, it is cool as well. You will want to go through the first episode to understand the market from an important perspective.
Millions of brainstorm meetings have shown, not a single breakthrough came out of any of those meeting. Brainstorming is a great tool – but just not for innovation. Instead of 60-MINUTE brainstorms we guide users through a 10-DAY Neuro Ideation process that amplifies your ingenuity and augments your intellect. Experience it for yourself.

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It takes teamwork to make a dream work

Most entrepreneurs fail for a few widely known reasons and every day another one makes that same mistake. Not very intelligent, but that is a different story.

A genuine Innovation is almost always worth a billion $. A “small Innovation” is either not an innovation or displaced by somebody bolder pretty quickly. If you want to be successful talk with as many as possible people HOW to do things – without sharing WHAT you do.

Feel free to talk to us

We are happy to help. No matter whether you are involved in a startup, a cool mid-market company or in a global enterprise. Never share your IP and we would not ask you. But we can help you set it in motion.