BlueCallom for AI-Startups

BlueCallom for AI Startups to get to Unicorn level

From Startup to Unicorn

Entrepreneurship is a mindset not a career

1) Entrepreneurship is a mindset

For many entrepreneurs, the purpose of starting a business is to be the boss, make lots of money, and have a comfortable life. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there are some entrepreneurs who start a business because they need a legal entity to make a change, produce and sell something that will soon be looked for by a large number of people. They build robust and later high-quality products and grow at any price. This path however is hard, risky, and difficult.

BlueCallom ACCELERATE is for those entrepreneurs who want to go all the way to the top. They are not passionate about their vision, they are obsessed. It is a tool that accelerates the innovation and execution process like never before. The product was designed by one of those entrepreneurs who built multi-billion dollar companies from scratch.

2) The AI-based accelerator
Young business teams have a theoretically large and powerful team behind them. A large network of Friends, Investors, Angels, Mentors, and support from new customers. Yet driving the process from ideation to validation, to financing, to MVP building, to launches, to production, to growth hacking, to scaling, to going global and by the way having hired a few hundred people is not a walk in the park.

Having the support of a system that is designed with such a process in mind is surely a good thing to have. On top of all with a Generative AI system as a foundation with the combined knowledge of the world – a brain of all brains – is a an amazing help.

* Start with a BlueCallom ACCELERATE training
* Conduct an Innovation Opportunity Discovery process
* Collect ideas from customers, partners and internal teams
* Forget brainstorming, Neuro Ideation has a 100x idea power
* Validate the concept in the market
* Prepare well for Innovation Financing
* Build a first Minimum Viable Product and get it into the market
* Bring the product to production level
* Develop an innovative go-to-market strategy
* Grow at neck breaking speed
* Scale globally

Each step is heavily supported by a Generative AI system for research support, idea stimulation, decision making aid and process guidance.

BlueCallom for AI-Startups - Innovation Framework

WIForum Accelerator, an End-to-End journey

BlueCallom’s very first product was an innovation management system. This system, BlueCallom DISRUPT is supported by  128 highly specialized Generative-AI Prompts to mange the entire Innovation Journey. To create these prompts, the team developed a unique tool: GPTBlue. It allowed a highly flexible design of prompts. In addition it allowed a KPI Framework to support the process and help the team navigate the journey.

The WIForum Startup Accelerator is now leveraging all aspects of AI driven Unicorn building:
1) The entrepreneurship experience of our founders
2) The latest AI-Technology that amplifies the innovation and growth process of a startup
3) The AI Technology that allows a startup to build better AI Prompts for their startup idea.

BlueCallom for AI-Startups - Innovation Journey Map

Innovation is a Journey

Generative AI is probably the most important innovation of humankind yet. BlueCallom GPTBlue is an innovation on top of the Generative-AI basis and its LLM and GPT system, providing a prompt development platform like no others. The innovation that you build on top of it will be the most relevant innovation for your customers.

BlueCallom for AI-Startups - Non-linear Process

Non-Linear Process

Our brain has an enormously powerful in lateral actions. Most teams should think about solutions for situations ahead of time and also look back to ensure that certain strategy aspects or market feedback are not overseen in a process that may take five years or more. Since this is quite difficult for individuals, the process is entirely digitized, and an AI system reminds users about certain aspects whenever it’s time to do so.

BlueCallom for AI-Startups
Batch 10 is a completely new Accelerator Program. Batch No.1, started 2014 in San Francisco and focused on helping startups get their MVP done and bring it to market, Batch No.6 was the first in Europe, Zürich. Batch No.6 was also the first to emphasize on Disruptive Innovation in top of entrepreneurship and MVP building.

With Generative AI entering the tech world and developing an enormous gravitational force, we decided to redo the entire program. Of course also in the AI Accelerator we will continue working with our startups on true entrepreneurship, creating a robust vision, MVP building, go-to-market and ensuring funding at the end of the program. But one thing is changing with Generative-AI: everything gets much faster, much more efficient. What took a week in the past can now be done in an hour – and that includes every facet of your work.

Our accelerator was once described as the “West-Point for Entrepreneurs” that is the only thing that did not change. From the 8 billion people on earth we have only a few thousand really successful entrepreneurs and you should be one of them.