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An introduction to BlueCallom innovation for consultants

BlueCallom is an Innovation Management Technology company with a deep understanding of Innovation Development, the Talents needed, Processes, Time and Innovation Finance. The creation of the Deep Innovation Design method was a first breakthrough, followed by a technological breakthrough fusing neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Yet another breakthrough was the Innovation Framework with its 106 features that helped to make Innovation as repeatable process so every company can be innovative.

As business consultant, Innovation is an intriguing and exciting field to engage with customers. Yet it is equally challenging when customers have no success, and see no success coming their way. One of the biggest challenges lay in a few questions which remained unanswered up until recently. The billion dollar questions are :

1 How are those mystical disruptive ideas created?
2 What does it take to bring them to market?
3 What is needed in an enterprise to make it work?

Innovation teams in corporations have a bit different but related questions that are equally unanswered by their executives. Mainly their questions are unanswered too,

What are the overall long-term and short-term expectations?
What is the expected outcome that describes success?
What is the strategy to get there?

The above billion dollar questions are answered today. But it will take time and a lot of feet on the street to percolate down in a diverse and fragmented market.

Our founders background include the building of partner networks with over 200,000 partners globally, today $56 Billion in Revenue, now known under SYNNEX-TD.

Making a difference

You can make a difference by understanding the value of innovation for our economy, society and humanity as a whole. Having some exciting new gadgets is nice but it would not suffice the above, Finding exceptional new energy sources, finding new ways for mass cargo transportation around the planet, new convenient digital financial services, ability to mass produce on moon or mars and bring the goods cost efficiently back to earth, and hundreds of other challenges are innovations we can expect from corporations soon.

You can make a difference by working with your executive clients embracing Large-Scale Innovations that only corporations can handle and also have the benefit for even trying.

Innovation Framework Relevancy

Understanding the ten innovation principles from the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework helps you extend your competence. You will find several interesting innovation principles that have been widely unknown. Moreover you will get some additional perspectives in strategy development, innovation methodology, organizational aspects and Innovation Execution.

Knowledge Base

The BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework (BCIF) is an important basis for almost all general innovation understanding. The corresponding education programs include the Innovation Executive Workshops and the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework training. You find some more helpful educational material in the Learning Videos section or under white papers.