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An introduction to innovation for executives

To ensure that innovation is happening in a significant way that impacts the market and the corporation, the Chief Executives need to know enough about innovation to make it happen. Similar to needing to know how sales, marketing, engineering, production, logistics, finance, etc.,  are working. Unlike a startup CEO, which is typically the person who co-founded the company and co-created the innovation, a Corporate CEO ensures that innovation is happening and only needs to commit to innovation fully and ensure that there are people who can do the job and deliver a breakthrough in a manageable and predictable manner.

For teams to deliver innovation, they NEED TO KNOW three things:

1) What are the overall long-term and short-term expectations?
2) What is the expected outcome that describes success?
3) What is the strategy to get there?

In most companies worldwide, these requirements are not provided, which is the root cause of failure in delivering genuine innovation. The main reason is that there was insufficient knowledge to answer those questions. Instead, the teams deliver regular improvements, which have been the primary delivery of any company for 200 years.

With our founders’ background, we help executives prepare the necessary strategy and innovation mandate that empowers innovation teams to create innovation in a repeatable, manageable, and predictable manner.

Making a difference

Chief Executives must learn the essentials of Innovation like their predecessors learned the necessary basics of IT management 70 years ago. The difference IS NOT better innovation process know-how. The DIFFERENCE will be to see opportunities for innovation that most employees won’t see. They know the time it takes to deliver an innovative solution and the time and resources it takes to bring it to market. They understand the organizational and financial implications and can decide what no other employee can. The CEO is the only person who can empower selected people to create a long-term transformation toward an agile and continuously innovating corporation.

Innovation is not a singularity anymore.

Innovation Framework Relevancy

BlueCallom for Executives

Understanding the ten innovation principles from the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework helps you manage your responsibilities, create a success-focused strategy, and build the team you need to achieve a breakthrough. 

The Methodology section may be exciting but is not necessarily a key initially.
The Organization Structure is essential to know as it discusses the necessary organizational structure to get innovation successfully to market and scale. What you read will be the opposite of conventional thinking but is essential for success. Just more reason to have a conversation.

Knowledge Base

BlueCallom for Executives

The BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework (BCIF) is an important basis for almost all general innovation understanding. This is not a technical document.
The corresponding education programs include the