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BlueCallom-Lite Invite application

Get your invite key to start your first innovation project for free.

Details & Requirements for BlueCallom-Lite Invite

BlueCallom-Lite Invite Application
We reserve the right to reject an invitation request without reason.

Requirements & Terms for BlueCallom-Lite

At this stage, we can only accept business accounts interested in creating a business innovation.

You are opening a business account using your company email address, matching your company domain. Your company has at least 100 employees. You understand that you need at least 3 users to create a meaningful breakthroughs innovation.

2) Innovation Team Qualification
To explore the power of Innovation Development with BlueCallom.AI, you understand what innovation is and have an idea what problem you want to solve. Moreover, make sure you can do the the following before starting:
1) Read the BlueCallom Innovation Framework
2) Know What your company’s corporate strategy is
3) Define why are you innovating and what the economic objective shall be?
4) Understand that difference between IMPROVEMENT and INNOVATION
5) Assemble a team of very diverse background: E.g. Marketing, Sales, Finance, Engineering/Subject Matter Expert, Business Administration
6) Ensure that every team member has innovation relevant traits above average (C-Abilities)

You are using the application for general business innovation. You will not use it in military or arms projects or any projects with potentially illegal outcomes.

BlueCallom will make no claims on your content, ideas, research, feedback, or opinions and will not share them with others. For model training purposes, selected BlueCallom employees may get access to your data (BlueCallom Lite only).

BlueCallom Lite is free of charge until January 25, 2025. We reserve the right to end the free license or convert it into a paid account.

You have access to limited support through our community on Discord.

By registering, you agree to our general usage terms. In addition, you agree to the following:
BlueCallom will use the data from your usage pattern to improve the product
You will be able to offer to be interviewed once every six months to learn from you how helpful the product is to you.
If you do not continue with a full license (currently € 200 / user/month), you agree that we will delete your account, including all its data, after January 25, 2025,