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Your Innovation Sandbox


1) Intelligent innovation workspace
Leveraging our AI system in addition to ChatGPT and DALL-e-2.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance
It is almost impossible to fail to create the next breakthrough

3) End-to-End Innovation Process
Work with the two most inspiring innovation episodes, “Needs & Dreams” and “Neuro Ideation” for free. If you want to ensure product-market-fit, innovation financing, innovation-t0-market, growth, and scaling, upgrade to the full edition and master the entire process.

4) Intelligent KPI Framework
Experience the KPI-Framework that works completely in the background and drives our AI system to navigate you through the process.

Explore BlueCallom.AI

BlueCallom.Lite is your sandbox to explore the BlueCallom.AI Innovations Solution. There is a reason why Innovation is such a hard nut to crack. Not because it is complicated.  It is wildly underestimated what it takes to create one of those billion Euro breakthrough innovations. The BlueCallom Innovations Framework shows the most significant aspects of innovation, most managers never heard of. On other words, you will want to master the concept of innovation before you invest time and resources to build your first breakthrough.

Study the Innovations Framework before you start, create an innovation strategy and take BlueCallom.Lite to get the experience how fast you get to a breakthrough.

1) Intelligent Innovation Workspace

Neuro Ideation Stimulation, Automatic KPI feed, Auto-Report generation

BlueCallom AI Intelligent Workspace

Neuro Innovation

A methodical approach to brain stimulation.

    Four significant software-aided brain stimulation steps for best Neuro Ideation performance.

    GPT-4 empowered technology and market research.

    Ability to invite outside users for feedback or complete open innovation projects.

    All inputs can be ranked, rated, analyzed, and used for idea confluence.

    The digital multi-user canvas can be accessed 24×7 by every teammate. Whenever ideas arise.

BlueCallom De-Administration

Moving repeatable admin work to the AI

    All innovation-relevant KPI data will be aggregated by the system in the background so that no KPI data need to be reported by the team.

    The intelligent Innovation KPI Framework processes 20,000+ data points leveraging AI-driven predictive models to help users achieve their goals and get alerts when they risk failing.

    All reports from work performed in the system will be compiled automatically by BlueCallom.AI and generated in a standard PDF format for management.

    The intelligent workspace creates task vectors to be shared with the IIPGS system for easy navigation through multi-year processes.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Process Guidance

Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance System

BlueCallom AI KPI-Framework

Non-Linear Process Navigation

Innovation is never linear. But before we jump too deep into mastering the entire innovation paradigm, play with the first two episodes to get a feel for the whole approach. Lateral Thinking, which is done by our AI system comes later.

Your Process GPS

An intelligent digital mentor, “Mentoha,” is guiding you through the non-linear innovation process, no matter how long it will be. The navigation has many different opportunities to help you get to your goal:

    You can ask, “What can I do next” and the system assesses all the tasks in a given episode, what the team has done so far, and suggests the most critical next activity that helps you and the team to get to the objectives. It uses the massive KPI-Framework for the assessment. It is your Innovation Process GPS.
    You’ll be able to tell the mentor what you’d like to do and figure out where to forward you.
    It tells you the next meetings, tasks, or other events.
    You can talk to “Mentoha” or read its responses on the screen.

3) BlueCallom.AI for End-to-End Innovation Management

A modular way to host different methods

BlueCallom AI Innovation Journey Map

End-to-End Innovation Process

Going End-to-End

BlueCallom AI is the first innovation management software that is genuinely going End-to-End. This is typically a multi year process. Too much for a sandbox. Therefor we focus on Episode No.2 Needs and Dreams, and Episode No.3 Neuro Ideation.
At Needs and dreams we help you find out if the problem you are solving is fully understood by your team, that you capture all the necessary feedback from your future users and have a robust base to develop your solution.
Millions of brainstorm meetings have shown, not a single breakthrough that has succussed in the market was formed that way. Instead of 60-MINUTE brainstorms we guide you through a 30-DAY Neuro Ideation process that amplifies your ingenuity over a full month and compose otherwise unimaginable solutions.

Neuro Innovation Design

BlueCallom NDI Platform

BlueCallom.AI is the platform that unleashes the Neuro Innovation Design method. You will be able to use two of the ten separate yet interconnected episodes. Each episode contains a strategic set of neuroscience-inspired tasks that teams perform with the help of BlueCallom.AI.

Networked Intelligence Approach

Each of the ten Episodes has its dedicated canvas in the intelligent workspace, allowing idea creation, AI-supported research, customer feedback, content ranking, automated KPI aggregation, leverages the IIPGS, and has its dedicated, episode-related reporting.