Neuro Ideation with AI-driven Neuro Innovation

Innovation Management Dashboard
Hundreds of customer feedback, research pieces, ideas, conceptual thoughts, and decisions are stored to get a holistic picture. It allows a computer-supported lateral thinking process and helps teams to think of essential aspects they may oversee otherwise. Providing insides into the entire innovation effort and unparalleled KPI data without the administration overhead.

How the BlueCallom software platform is disrupting the act of innovation from the ground up and providing a predictable way for groundbreaking innovation.

1) Innovation Meta Strategy & Mandate
2) Unique Innovation Talent selection
3) Neuro ideation method
4) Innovation KPI Framework
5) Innovation Management Platform
6) Groundbreaking innovation – repeatable

Our innovation experience
Building two billion-dollar companies previously and helping three startups on their way to becoming a unicorn is our unique experience. Allow us to have a short conversation and you take it from here.

1) Innovation Meta Strategy

Innovation is a mission-critical journey

Your enterprise is probably looking at replacing
– end-of-life businesses replacement
– business transformation into new industries, new technologies, or new markets
– digitization or organizational advancement
– respond to market or technology shifts
The result will always be north of 500 Million in new revenue, more likely in the billions.
To manage that, you need an extraordinary team.
You have realized it will take 5 or more years like any innovation on earth.
You will need a budget that is far beyond the budget of your innovation teams.
You will want to focus like a laser instead of sprinkling ideas to follow.
The “Innovation Meta Strategies” will help manage those master pieces of your company’s future. If this is not backed by the CEO, there is no way to get to innovation in your business.

End-to-end  Neuro Innovation Management
Neuro Ideation with AI-driven Neuro Innovation

2) innovative Talent development

Every creative jobs needs a certain level of talent

Creating billion-dollar innovations is not something you can outsource to your local university. You will want to task a highly talented team with unique cognitive abilities. Very much like VCs select their startups for unicorn potential. Interestingly enough, almost all enterprises we work with already have those talents. We are talking about highly diverse backgrounds such as sales, marketing, finance, technology, and other business-relevant branches, yet unified cognitive abilities such as curiosity, courage, clairvoyance, confidence, creativity, communication, collaboration, and continuous.

The BlueCallom Innovation Dream Team Method helps Chief Innovation Officers to attract, assemble, and onboard top innovation talents. 

3) Neuroscience influenced Innovation

Know how breakthrough ideas get created and turned into solutions.

Ideas get composed in our brain. Creating breakthrough innovations needs a good understanding of how the brain does it. Otherwise, you are bound to hope, guesswork, and random experimentation.
Neuroscience brought the breakthrough in creating a repeatable innovation journey.  The experience of our founders, creating breakthrough innovations and bringing them successfully to market, time and time again, could now be reverse-engineered. Only when understanding the behavior of our brain we can stimulate and train it to get to breakthrough innovation.

Neuro Innovation for breakthrough results
KPI Framework making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable

4) Innovation specific KPI Framework

Making innovation Success Predictable

Creating extraordinary innovation is one thing, bringing it successfully to global markets is a profoundly different story. Innovation requires capital, lead time to market, and an attractive ROI. To make such investments, it takes a corporate strategy, rock-solid data, risk analysis, and KPIs.

An AI-driven KPI Framework was built for that reason and it produces a never seen innovation success predictability. The outcome is a single KPI:  The Innovation Success Indicator (ISI). Compiled from thousands of data points, it makes the innovation progress predictable and does it in real-time.

A linear process has never led to innovation success. Our brain cannot handle a creative process in a step-by-step manner. Never look for ideas, always for problems. Never try to surprise your customers codevelop a solution. Stop brainstorming, and stimulate your brain for exceptional solutions. Stop limiting your thoughts, yet think of how customers will use them. Startups are no role models at all; unicorns are. Dreaming is good at night – relentless execution dominates the innovation to market engagement.

BlueCallom‘s breakthrough is a unique innovation management AI system. It allows teams to develop brilliant ideas and focus on relentless execution without administrative work. Reporting, KPI management, data correlation, success analysis, and time and budget management are delegated to the AI system.

Making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable