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Corporate Innovation Framework and AI-driven Innovation Management Software

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Strategy for breakthrough innovation management

Get strategic – stop experimenting.

We help executives define what they want to get out of innovation. This immediately stops innovation teams from working in a vacuum.
We make executives to innovation thought leaders. #AgileManagement

Imagine you are provided with a clear vision of where to take it.

Know how for breakthrough innovation management

Intelligent innovation – not playgrounds

Stop dreaming about innovation in three easy steps. There are 108 critical aspects of Innovation you must know before you start. They are all combined in a Corporate Innovation Framework.
We make teams to innovation masters. #InnovationFramework

Imagine you know all the details about how to create breakthrough innovation.

Neuroscience driven breakthrough innovation management

Make breakthrough ideas a repeatable process

Your ideas get composed in your brain. If you don’t know how to stimulate your brain, you will remain weak like an athlete who trains their body like an amateur.
We train your team to play with their brain like nobody else. #Neuroscience

Imagine you can play with your brain like a muscle.

AI supported breakthrough innovation management

Introduce zero bureaucracy innovation

Administrative overhead is the price you pay for being in a corporation. But what if we had an AI-System do the administration for you so you could focus on your ingenuity?
We make corporations the most intelligent organization form.

Imagine KPIs, Reports, Reminders, Performance Feedback is all done by the BlueCallom AI.

Results oriented breakthrough innovation management

Create business results – not prototypes

A solid strategy, deep innovation management knowhow, the influence of neuroscience and a unique AI-System allows our customers to create a breakthrough innovation within six months and a market leader in two to five years.. #BlueCallomModel
We transform product improvement teams into disruptive innovators.

Imagine your innovation strategy fits into your overall strategy, you deliver breakthrough innovations, and your CEO has something to say in the next shareholder conference.

Breakthrough Innovation Management Framework and Software

Innovations Framework

The full scope of an end-to-end innovation journey

When compiling the most critical aspects of innovation, we identified 77 strategic elements. We grouped it and put them into three major clusters: Principles, Methods, Structures. The result is an Corporate Innovation Framework that disrupts the very foundation of how innovation is done.

1) Innovation Principles
2) Innovation Methodologies
3) Innovation Organization

The 77 strategic elements of the BlueCallom Corporatee Innovation Framework are derived from experiences, insights and continuous success analysis of hundreds of disruptive businesses, mostly highly successful startups, unicorns and our founders’ experience with their four innovative businesses.

BlueCallom Innovation Framework

Innovation Management Software

Focus on your team’s ingenuity, let our AI do the rest.

Living by the core principles of innovation that brought thousands of billion $/€ companies forward, you will want a technology to manage all the data, the process, the timing, the budget, and reporting. Moreover it should take all the repeatable admin work off of your shoulders so you can focus your team on the creative work.  BlueCallom DEEP is an AI-driven software that includes:
1) Connected Innovation Workspace
2) Deep Innovation Design Process Flow
3) Lateral Innovation Process
4) Intelligent User Guidance
5) Intelligent KPI Framework
6) Auto Reporting System
7) Executive Dashboard
8) Enterprise-grade Software Architecture

Innovation Management Software

USP – How are we different

Compare it with any other breakthrough innovation management solution.


disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far

  1. Speed
    The BlueCallom Model allows your teams to deliver a breakthrough innovation within six months. Part of the process is an intensive four weeks of neuro ideation to find a solution to almost any problem. …more
  2. Repeatability
    Thanks to the BlueCallom Innovation Framework, the learning from neuroscience how the brain composes ideas, and a well designed innovation management process, innovation can now developed at will. …more
  3. Predictability
    With a unique AI-driven KPI Framework, BlueCallom DEEP can predict the outcome of an innovation already before launch with unmatched precision. …more

Why is BlueCallom different?

From the start, BlueCallom focused on genuine innovation only. Learning from neuroscience how our brain composes ideas changed our perception of Innovation from the ground up. Knowing how the brain constructs solutions to large problems, how it is communicated to the finance people and how innovation is brought to a market of primarily conservative buyers makes us exceptionally competitive and strengthens diverse innovation sectors, like business model innovation, experience innovation, and organizational innovation on top of product innovation.

Moreover, we are continuing explore new ways to access the brain through its most powerful APIs (Eyes, Ears, Nose and Senses) instead of drilling holes in the scull to interface with our brain directly. We envision a future where enterprises are building large-scale innovations that go far beyond our imagination and the level of innovations we see today.

Get started

BlueCallom Kick-Start Program

The most comprehensive Breakthrough Innovation Management Solution in the market. It gets you to a breakthrough innovation within your enterprise within six months.

  1. We will start with an executive workshop discussing the innovation principles, how to create a meta strategy and craft an executive innovation mandate.
  2. We than work with you to see if you have the right talents in your innovation team and help you make adjustments if necessary.
  3. We take the team through an Innovation Framework training, and the Deep Innovation Design methodology training.
  4. You get a six month software license to get familiar with BlueCallom DEEP.
  5. We help you get your first breakthrough innovation within six months from now.

Discuss it with one of our experts.
Explore how BlueCallom could help you in your unique situation, in your specific business with your current team to get to a first breakthrough within six months.

Its worth a 15 minute introductory call.

Innovation Management Implementation



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