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Business Development Manager

Who we are

We empower the world’s business leaders to deliver breakthrough innovation within six months using the BlueCallom Innovation Framework & Software.

Job description

  1. You are a master of networking and can easily connect with virtually anybody.
  2. You have the finger on the pulse of our industry and know what is going on.
  3. You quickly see opportunities for potential customer relations or partner relations
  4. You reach out immediately, connect and can share our compelling story.
  5. You are highly communicative. You go the extra mile to make customers and partners happy.
  6. You have experience dealing with large enterprises and reaching out to top level people.
  7. Alternatively you already have experience to work with partners.
  8. Instead of telling you what the job is – you will tell us how you want to take this opportunity to the max.

General Requirements

  • In Europe:
    • German is your native language with excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • You have Swiss or European citizenship or a valid Swiss work permit.
  • In Vietnam:
    • Your are a native Vietnamese and understand the Vietnamese business culture.
    • You live in Ho Chi Minh City and have a Vietnamese passport
  • Your professional English language skills are excellent in writing and verbal communication.

Our Location

8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is next to the lake, the opera, and the city center. There are tram stops, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Our office is in District 1, in Opal Tower


We are all happy to think, create, work, and grow together. Using a home office here and there is no problem.


Monthly salary
Plus, a success bonus.
A stock option plan
An opportunity to make a difference

What you should know

Dream Job

If this describes your dream environment and you can envision that you can shape it into what’s best for the company, you are in the right place. During the interview process, expect you develop a judgment that this is the best possible job for you. If you are not sure, you should not ruin your CV with yet another experiment.

Dream Teammate

  • We care more about your talents or traits than about your certificates.
  • Your traits should include being Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, Creative, Communicative, Competitive, Connected, and Continuous.
  • ‘Impossible’ – is a word that we usually don’t use
  • Most importantly, you are an amazingly awesome, open, positive, and inspiring person.

Here you find more information about how we think and work, including our leadership principles.

Application Logistics

  • Don’t send us any resume
  • We’ll review your LinkedIn profile
  • Please review our hiring process
  • We will carefully assess your career application
  • Send us an email to career@ and share your interest and ambition
  • Then, let’s do an initial zoom call and take it from there

We can’t wait to hear from you – we really mean it :)

Career Opportunity at BlueCallom