We are helping extraordinary customers shape the future. It takes a dream team to support them.

Hiring Process

A Unique Process

We are serving the most ambitious businesses in the world. With BlueCallom, enterprise customers can for the first time create breakthrough innovation in a predictable way. It involves exceptional talents to make it a reality.

Some of the major hiring differences you may experience:

  • We want to know how you combine experiences to new thinking
  • We are interested in your talent to see opportunities where nobody sees it.
  • We are curious about your curiosity, courage to try something impossible.
  • We want to know how you creatively solved problems
  • And we want to learn about your ability to relentlessly execute.
  • We are not interested in your resume
  • We care less about certificates and graduations
  • We don’t get excited about countless years of business experience

Humanities’ success is based on its agility, ability to learn new things, adapt, and thrive by being curious and courageous. Turn a vision or dream in reality. Make live easier and maybe – one day – populate other planets.

Repeat jobs and step-by-step improvement is the future of robots and artificial intelligence. We want to help our customers to create that future and invent ways to make humans more human, more creative, more autonomous, more self-confident, more intelligent – because we can and need to.

1) Online Application

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you. Please do NOT send us any resumes. Your experience and successes should be on LinkedIn and that is enough for us in the first step.

The online application will ask questions in addition to your LinkedIn profile. The questions will also be indicative for you of what we are looking for. Please, share additional thoughts, questions, or any comments in the application. The more you share your own vision and thinking the better for both of us.

Obviously, you can fake any answers but keep in mind that a real fit between your talents and our needs is the only way to real success.

We review your application within a few days, discuss with the team and get back to you in timely order.

2) Interviews (online and onsite)

When the initial application review is positive, we will invite you to a series of video interviews. Please make sure your video and audio connection work perfectly.

We are very much interested in your soft skills or so-called cognitive abilities. Check out the 8 C’s of Innovation Talents. We will ask you to share times from your past work-life where you can talk about specific moments and how you handled and experienced them. Tip: avoid rambling on and on. Tell us about the Situation, what was the Task you had, what was the Action you took, and what were the Results you achieved. It’s known as the STAR method.

We have a comprehensive five-round interview process. After each interview, the team will review and you will progress through the process. Some of the later interviews will be in person in our office in Zürich. Here you will have quality time with the whole team and some team members individually.
Interviews are two way streets. Please interview us as well if we are a fit for you. If this may turn out to be your dream job. If you can’t imagine it – we may just not be the best match for you.

3) Exploring working together

It helps you and us to see how you are working, thinking, engaging and conducting some tasks. We will ask you some questions which you will answer in a video or writing. We prefer a video to see your communication skills and interaction. At that stage, you will also experience how we interact with you and how this may be in the future. None of us at BlueCallom works for a company. We all work for a vision and with people. We want to make sure that working together will be amazing and not never feeling as hard “work”.

During the process, you may get some tasks or projects to complete that help us understand how you think and work. We may also ask you to do a few test days working with us. All this should make sure that the next years will be an exciting and successful time for all of us.

If this is not possible for you just let us know in advance.

4) Decision and offer

Once you and we feel this will be a super successful future for both of us, we will send you an offer, a copy of a plain contract, and some suggestions for the terms. Now it will be up to you to decide. Also here is an interesting difference to other jobs: You determine what is the right and appropriate salary. We do not negotiate. If you are way off, we don’t negotiate you down but just discontinue. We expect that you have a good judgment for your value and how much impact you will have on BlueCallom.

5) On-boarding

When you start, we will spend a full week to learn about our goals, strategy to get there and objectives we have to make it a success. Here you will meet the entire team, if not done before. The week after you will craft a concept how you will make a difference at BlueCallom and present it to the leadership team.

You may participate in upcoming product workshops, customer presentations, services workshops and other measures to get a full understanding what the biggest challenges of our customers are and what makes them happy. You will learn that every single person in our team has a critical contribution to our success. We all work harder, smarter and more than others and that is part of our success.

6) Benefits

The benefits of a startup are very different from any corporation. The monetary part is a good salary, healthcare as required by the government, and a bonus that is dependent on how successful our customers are.

Unlike a corporation, we offer stocks to be invested in.

We offer being part of something that is much bigger than any of us alone – making the impossible a reality. 99% of people would consider it impossible to empower a large part of the population creating disruptive innovation, becoming creative above average, solving most problems we have on earth. We are determined to make that our contribution as humans.

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