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We are helping extraordinary customers shape the future. It takes a dream team to support them.

How we think and work


We envision a world where the majority of people work on solving nearly all the problems we have in the world today. Those teams will be supported by autonomous machines (AI) who can do all the repeatable jobs. We envision BueCallom being a pioneer in that development by bringing solutions, thought models, and tools to market that help humans leverage their natural ingenuity and leave the repeat jobs to machines. We want to end the negative perception that most people are neither creative nor smart and instead embrace the idea that a new education system will help unleash the nature-given creativity that all of us are having. To get creative and solve the many problems we have we need to shift our work engagement based on the understanding of how we think, how we create ideas, how we solve problems, and how we leverage modern technology to work for us.

How to make it real

We are looking for exceptional people to help make the vision a reality. While many startups work their way up, some of the biggest challenges need to be solved by enterprises. Technologies, as it comes from SpaceX or StarLink, have been tried by startups but could not get done. Developing protection system to prevent large asteroid impact, new vaccines against all kinds of aggressors, crafting completely new education systems, architecting the next financing system, ways to handle tectonic shifts in a way that life is not in danger and many other challenges may be done by startups but maybe not. The brainpower of an enterprise is significantly underestimated. We at BlueCallom can help enable and empower enterprises, midmarket companies, startups, and even individual brain trusts to develop ideas we only dreamed about. But when we can dream it we can make it.

To make all that a reality we are looking for exceptional minds to join us and build the future that is only in our dreams.

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Culture played a defining role in becoming who we are today, including all the different cultures we have. We respect those differences and never argue about another culture. Our culture is built on our founders’ history which is influenced by the Silicon Valley culture. Culture explains the way people work together but also what unique abilities and results they want to be known for. Most of the cultures in nations, regions, companies, and even families are shaped by togetherness and what they want to achieve. Also, our leadership principles are an indicator of our culture. The BlueCallom Culture can easily be explained by a few hashtags:

#Openminded #Respect #Tolerance #Passion #Team #Empowerment #Communication #Engagement #Performance #Results.

Extended Design Thinking Mode

BlueCallom’s Eight C Culture


Curiosity is when we know how our customers work, what their pain is, what would excite them. It’s important to be curious about what science has to say and what experts could help us find a solution. To be curious one would need to deeply engage with the subject.


Courage is when you try to make a change for good against all odds. We reward courage, no matter whether it is failing or succeeding. The only failure we cannot accept is not even trying. To make a difference always requires courage.


Continuous and relentless execution is what makes dreams a reality. No matter whether it is something big or something small. Getting it done is what counts.



The ability to collaborate helped the human species to survive. Respect, Tolerance, and Trust are key aspects of a successful collaboration. As a team, we can only achieve extraordinary results as long as we collaborate.
# Team, #Respect, #Tolerance

For more details, please visit “Cognitive abilities to groundbreaking innovation.”


Creativity is the talent to connect many unrelated experiences in our brain. Every human has that ability. Some have developed it further, some not at all. Creativity requires first and foremost an open mind. Unique solutions need creativity and our team needs to unleash it.


One of the most significant advantages of being human is communicating thoughts and constructs of new ideas. Every BlueCallom team member needs to be communicative, no matter in what position.


Confidence is not about convincing others but transforming facts, ideas, or visions into a realistic message or model that others can work with. Weak ideas or unsubstantiated concepts will never appear as confident.


Connectedness is the ability to attract other related or unrelated people to help solve a problem or get something done that we can’t get done on our own. Connectedness extends our brain capacity and experiences. It is the real driver for performance beyond our own capacity.

Leadership Principles

(1) Unconditional Customer Focus

Customers are our partners not legal entities in a buy and pay battle. Customers are also the starting point of our innovation development method. Customers pay your salary and every resource. As long as we deliver the highest possible value at a reasonable price we can maintain market leadership.

(2) Responsibility is something you won’t be given unless you take it.

We all have to decide and judge to step in and take care of something that is not taken care of. Responsibility is the ability to respond with adequate action. Business success is taking responsibility in any situation that needs a response. A hierarchy is an information and execution flow – not an excuse for not responding.

(3) Personal Success is being bold enough to do what you love

Success comes from doing something you wholeheartedly love and finding people who love what you do. You get best at what you love and love what you are best in. If you take a job that you are not good at and others are much better at, you have a miserable work life. If you don’t know what you are good at, find it out. If you feel you can’t survive with what you are good at, understand that you have far fewer chances to survive with what you are not good at.

(4) Career

Your career is directly related to how you helped others to get to their full potential. People that reach their full potential are most satisfied, happy, and successful. As a company (the team of all teams) we are most successful if we do something that is most successful and has this wonderful sense for being helpful. The most important thing leaders can do is empower others. Those who do make a career.

(5) Speed is more important than perfection

Speed is a quality in itself. Speed means acting on something that is critical for success or an opportunity to win. Speed to act on something important is mostly the difference between market leadership and followers. Perfection, on the other hand, is what makes most businesses too slow, reduces agility, and as a result, loses business. Perfection is no quality. Perfection is a disadvantage. Taking speed at high quality without perfection is the art of creating success. 

(6) Market leaders are defined by their followers

Nobody can be a leader if they don’t have any followers. The most valuable followers are competitors. Make sure you never get influenced by the competition – only by the market/customers. Don’t worry what competitors do, unless customers tell you what they prefer and why.

(7) The future is the only time we can influence

You cannot change the past. But we all have a direct influence on the future by envisioning that future and then making it a reality. Making mistakes is the result of tapping into unknown territory. Making no mistakes means you never reached your limits. In most enterprises, top-level executives are asked to take no risk and rather grow slower. That is the opportunity to disrupt them because they do not influence the future anymore..

(8) Value Creation

We exist to create value for our customers, by elevating the way they do things. Only slight changes or better pricing is not a value but an excuse for not delivering one. The best way to develop value is in concert with a team, including participating business partners and customers.

(9) The initial value of an idea is zero 

Whether this is an innovation or just a small improvement. The value is created when the idea – any idea – is verified by its beneficiaries and then realized in the best possible way. Never get too excited about an idea regardless of how brilliant it may be. Only relentless execution and exponential distribution create a real value.

(10) The next big thing was already created five years ago

Don’t ever hope you can make a real difference within a few weeks or months. Continuous and intelligently working in solving a real big problem, combined with relentless execution in collaboration with your early customers will create the next big thing. The idea is free the prototypes are peanuts – what really costs money is bringing it to market.