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Certified Innovation Manager Orientation Webinar

Introducing the new BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy

Our research in late 2020 indicted that by 2030, approximately 100 million of the 400 million businesses will want or need to become more innovative to stay in business. To do so, they will hire approximately 100 million innovation specialists, managers, executives, making sure that the company will be turning innovative.

A career in the innovation space will be profoundly different from any other career, elated to new technology or new market needs. Innovation executives need to assemble highly diverse teams. The misperception that innovation is serendipity will be alleviated in the next 10 years, and an all-new generation of innovators is emerging. The talent bottleneck is the lack of creativity and courage to think differently.


Introducing the BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy. In this webinar, we discuss how innovation will shift from randomness to professionalism, the new methods leading to data like no other in today’s innovation space, and how BlueCallom’s academy certificates will play a key role in your innovation career.

Who is it for?

  • Innovation managers
  • Innovation executives
  • Innovation team members
  • Career seekers in the innovation space
  • Hiring managers
  • Talent recruiters

Innovation Career 2021

Innovation is the next frontier in career development for any human. The BlueCallom Academy Programs are designed to unleash a human’s most precious talent, that every human is born with, ingenuity. Start your Innovation Career path with BlueCallom today.


  • General Academy Introduction
  • Innovation Methods, Models and Technology
  • Deep Innovation Design Model
  • KPIs from over 10,000 data points
  • Skills you will acquire in the program
  • Who is it for, what is required
  • A carer path like no other
    • Certified Deep Innovation Design Champion
    • Certified Innovation Manager
    • Certified Innovation Executive
  • What’s the certification about
  • The technology you will use
  • Q+A


  1. How innovation will shift from randomness to professional
  2. New methods leading to data like no other in today’s innovation space
  3. How the BlueCallom certificates are playing a key role in your career


The founders of BlueCallom built four innovative companies with disruptive business models. The largest grew to 5 Billion in revenue, today a 37 Billion $ company. The “Deep Innovation Design Model” results from 4-year research, dissecting how innovative ideas get created and how it can be made repeatable.