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Commercial Prompt Engineering

  • Development Systems
    This new Prompt Development – Testing – and Deployment technology challenges the still young prompt development market.
  • Performance, Productivity & Quality
    Corporate Generative-AI demand is rising and so are the requirements for prompt engineering, prompt performance analytics, prompt productivity measurement, Proprietary Data Integration and more.
  • Business Models
    Value based pricing for prompts. Users expect continuous prompt maintenance, integration, and prompt capability expansion. No value no money. High value high price. The BlueCallom Per-Per-Use model allows recurring revenue from any prompt. 

Online Event


Jan 18, 2024
09:00 – 10:30 CET (Europe)
08:00 – 09:30 GMT (UK)
14:00 – 15:30 ICT (Vietnam)
15:00 – 16:30 SST (Singapore)
16:00 – 17:30 KST (Korea)

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Prompt Engineers, Generative-AI consultants, Business leaders, AI enthusiasts.

Jan 18, 2024  |  09:00 – 10:30 CET




Commercial Generative-AI application with high performance, high-productivity Prompts, evolving to complete Applications.

In this unique 90-minute introduction, we dive deep into the next level of high performance, high productivity prompts for Generative-AI business applications.

High Performance Prompt Evolution

  • Conditional Prompts have a built in decision mechanic for the respective output.
  • Iterative Prompts that allow to navigate the iteration process.
  • TAU-Prompts show their productivity gain over manual work.
  • A new world of not seen before Prompt Analytics.
  • AIGlazz, the smart new AI-specific UI/UX with object oriented design. 
  • New technology to develop those high performance prompts.

Professionally Deploy Your High-Performance Prompts

  • Deploy your prompts digitally
  • Share those prompts with an entire multi-prompt environment 
  • Deploy your prompts for centralized corporate prompt libraries
  • Deploy your prompts to a public prompt exchange
  • Get all the usage analytics

Commercializing Your Prompt Development

  • Sell your prompts on the public exchange.
  • Get recurring revenue from every single use of your prompts.
  • Get direct feedback from every user and share update news. 
  • How you can become a BlueCallom Business Partner

Join us to unlock your own future of accelerated agility, transformation, innovation and strategic technological adoption.

Q + A


  1. Understand the future of prompting and why it is far more than just text you feed a GPT system with.
  2. Learn how high performance, high productivity prompts are created.
  3. Get a feel for how you can create recurring revenue with your prompts.
  4. Learn what it takes deploy Generative AI in corporations.
  5. Some inspiration how you can build your future business around Generative AI.

Commercializing Prompt Engineering

Prompting is the most important connection between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.
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Christian Weh, Webinar Introducing Human Intelligent Augmentation

Christian Weh
VP Products

Axel Schultze, CEO speaking at BlueCallom event
Axel Schultze

CEO  BlueCallom