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Copenhagen Innovation Roundtable® Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark | May 10-12, 2022

An innovation event unlike any other …

Copenhagen May 10-12, 2022 (3 days)


Approx. 600 Executives and Innovation Managers from around the world are expected by the organizer.


BlueCallom will officially launch its next-generation innovation solution BlueCallom DEEP-II with its game-changing AI-driven Intelligence Augmentation technology. In addition, you will have an opportunity to get first-hand exposure to the new BlueCallom KPI-Framework 2.0. Also, you can explore two brand new services: (1) The migration service from Design Thinking, StageGate, or Horizon to BlueCallom. (2) The brand new Incubation & Hatch program for enterprises.
Expect to meet with an international group of innovation drivers and several of our Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable members and Customers. It is also a very good time to meet our team including our CEO in person !!! Lots of reasons to get out into the world again.


BlueCallom has an executive space on the top floor of the venue. Please make sure you arrange a meeting as early as possible. This is a space to meet and discuss. To schedule a one-on-one meeting, please use the meeting registration form.


With all the necessary precautions, there will be evening gatherings and dinners every night.
Want to schedule a one-on-one session with one of our team members? Please fill in the meeting registration form.


The Copenhagen Innovation Roundtable® Summit is a three-day interactive conference with peer-to-peer exchange and learning on key innovation topics and challenges. Innovation takes effort and transformation. As a partner of the Summit, we understand the importance of the exchange of ideas to push the limits of what is possible. BlueCallom will be in attendance to demystify innovation and empower teams to perform beyond even their own expectations. Whether it’s in the event hall, at our roundtable session, or at the scheduled Track Talk, BlueCallom’s dream team is ready to learn more about your innovation experiences, questions, and challenges. We are showing game-changing innovation with our AI-driven Neuro Innovation Management Solution, making innovation success predictable.


WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN: May 10-12, 2022

The Summit is one of the world’s largest gatherings of innovation executives from large multinational firms. With a highly interactive format, combining insightful presentations with a variety of discussion sessions, the Summit enables attendees the opportunity to exchange experiences with peers and ample time for informal networking. It is a great opportunity to support growth, transformation, and innovation in large multinational companies by facilitating cross-domain learning and exchange.


AI-driven Innovation KPI-Framework for Creative Minds

Highly creative spirits want to innovate – not fill out reports and spend lots of time with administration and bureaucracy. Executives who need to decide which innovation to fund need information and data to analyze risks and predict the success level of the innovation. An AI-driven predictive system that can indicate innovation success and free the innovation teams from all administration would be a game-changer.

The BlueCallom founders, who founded two companies that moved beyond the billion-dollar revenue mark, knew that problem all too well and began to build what seemed to be impossible

  • An AI system that aggregates 10,000 and more data points from any given innovation project
  • A structure that consists of 7 different Innovation Performance Indicators
  • Dealing with approximately 300 different KPIs
  • An algorithm that makes a SINGLE INNOVATION PERFORMANCE KPI
  • Innovation predictability that has not been possible before
  • Moving from linear step-by-step to a lateral model
  • Using the intelligent KPI Framework as a GPS for innovation teams
  • An AI-driven process navigator, removing admin work and amplifying ingenuity

Today they work with innovation thought leaders from Bosch, DB Schenker, E-On, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Voest, Weidmann, to name a few, making a dream come true.


BlueCallom’s CEO, Axel Schultze


This three-day event is open exclusively to innovation professionals in large multinational companies. Click below for a 20% early bird discount. When registering, don’t forget to answer “BlueCallom” to the question “How did you hear about / were invited to the Summit?”

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Looking forward to meeting with you. At our booth or on the private executive floor space. Let us explore how we could help best, making your innovation success become predictable and wildly successful.

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