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How YOU can make innovation repeatable, manageable, and predictable.

BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework

1) Innovation Principles  [read more]
10 most critical innovation principles
represents the very DNA of innovation success.

2) Innovation Strategy [read more]
Ten key features to create an Innovation Meta Strategy.

3) Innovation Methodologies  [read more]
12 key methodology sets for a non-linear innovation method

4) Innovation Organization  [read more]
5 strategic aspects to organize the innovation effort.

The nearly 100 strategic features of the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework are compiled from experiences, insights and continuous success analysis of hundreds of disruptive businesses, mostly highly successful startups and unicorns and the experience of our founders with their four innovative businesses.

Key strategies where the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework accelerates your innovation effort instantly.

Strategy from the Corporate Innovation Framework

Get Strategic

You won’t run a mission critical engagement like innovation without a strategy. The BlueCallom Innovation Meta Strategy model allows you to set up your innovation strategy without knowing what the outcome may be. Re-think innovation.

Innovation Budget

Far too much money has been burned through experimenting with innovation playgrounds and acquiring startups. An innovation budget is your investment into the companies future. R&D is your investment in improving existing solutions. Don’t mix one with the other.

Top Innovation Teams

Top talented innovation teams make all the difference. Your Innovation Dream Team comes with highly diverse backgrounds and innovation relevant cognitive abilities. Our Dream Team Manger helps with the team assembly.

The Corporate Innovation Framework makes ideation manageableBreakthrough Ideation

Be determined to create a breakthrough – because you can. Forget 60 minute brainstorming. Your brain needs 4 weeks dedicated stimulation to get to a breakthrough almost guaranteed. Neuro Ideation is an all new way with a predictable outcome.

The Corporate Innovation Framework makes go-to-market manageableInnovation-to-Market

No question this is even harder than creating sensational innovation concepts. A unique model that most unicorns have practiced was converted to an enterprise-ready method. The I2M Method gets your disruptive solution to its designated market.

Growth & Scaling

Innovative solutions win markets with innovative production methods, innovative marketing, innovative sales, innovative services and innovative business models. The growth and scaling methods and system help do that with your breakthrough solutions.


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