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Creative Contribution Training

Unlocking human creativity

Mobilizing an entire company to creatively contribute

Embracing creativity and contribution spirit across your entire company

Teams in any business know more about their work than anybody inside or outside the company. They are an important contributor to make a company run smoother, have more exciting work to do, make a company more stable, and make teams be more part of the overall business.

We will sharpen the senses of the entire company through uniquely designed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to become important contributors to the innovation process.

Humans have three major advantages over any kind of Artificial Intelligence:
1) Our natural creativity, which is even beyond our own comprehension.
2) Our recognition ability, which is far beyond any technical solution that we can imagine today.
3) Our thinking consumes a tiny fraction of the energy an AI system needs to discover problems and fund a purpose-driven solution.

This program is designed to unfold the human potential for creativity and make their workflow smoother and more satisfying.


This program is designed especially for brands, who want to empower their teams to contribute to the innovation process.

It is structured in 3 webinar-style sessions to develop an open mind and a critical view for identifying opportunities to improve.

Program Agenda

Session ONE

  • Why improvement and the interest for smoother and more rewarding work?
  • Innovation under the microscope
  • Empowering entire teams to contribute to innovation
  • What’s the risk that it will kill your current job?

Session TWO

  • How are innovation centers working?
  • How you can help discover opportunities to improve?
  • How do you know your ideas are valid and what may the value be?
  • How would your creativity be rewarded?

Session THREE

  • Reporting challenges and problems of any kind.
  • How the reports are processed.
  • The gamification of contribution.
  • Participating in the company’s success.


Teams will learn how their contribution will help the company to become more successful in the market and create more interesting jobs. We are far from expecting everybody to be an innovator, but we can expect everybody to see the problems they are dealing with, day n and day out.
Feedback from previous programs

“It was far beyond my expectation” – “An amazing insight” “Well, we will have to completely rethink our approach to innovation”, “I guess the good old R&D center is dead”, “I just found the greatest career opportunity”, “I just wonder why this was not discovered earlier”, “Very demanding, needs your full attention”.

Insights is the first step to innovation

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