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Digital Marketing Manager

Who we are

BlueCallom is pioneering high-performance, high-productivity prompt engineering technology for generative AI with the ability to measure the productivity gain of every prompt.

The company’s professional Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment system, GPTBlue, empowers Customers and Business Partners to digitally deliver AI solutions internally and through multi-tier distribution channels.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a Tech savvy Marketer who is intimately familiar with AI supported marketing tools such as ChatGPT, Mid Journey or Grammarly. Moreover, we are looking for individuals who are proud of their creativity and extend their creative Superpowers with AI to jump ahead of all other creative people – at least for now :)

Job description

A highly ingenious and tech-savvy marketer who leverages AI and conventional technology to help sales reach out to clients, help clients find information and inspiration from our digital offering, and get in touch with our team in a high-touch model. You are a born communicator and networker – it sits in your DNA. The technology is just a fascinating tool for you to reach and excite others. As such, half of your work will be digital; however, you will constantly spend time in and with our market for direct feedback and very timely insights.

Responsibilities as Digital Marketing Manager

    You are responsible for managing our website (WordPress) in any aspect of our marketing and customer experience goals. You will ensure that our daily expanding know how is communicated in a timely manner. But you are also improving our Website through maximizing the usage of plugins, AI-Mini-Apps and more. You will implement and monitor tools that provide traffic growth, usage pattern, interest analysis and more.
    You directly communicate with our audience vie news, announcements, newsletter, social media, and other tools or channels. You measure your result by visitor growth rate, lead generation growth rate, attendee growth rate. and other ways to measure growth. Keep in mind that growth is largely influenced by word of moth and the word only spreads when we deliver a value. So growth in Marketing is not an quantitative but a qualitative KPI.
    You will take care of event introductions, event pages, event publishing on respective media attractive and easy event registration, as well as event moderation and management. Events may be webinars, life events, conference participation or partner events.
    The best of the best know how to make word of mouth marketing. Website, Direct Communication, and Events will not have any major impact.
    This part of marketing is crucial for us. You may not be the one initiating those campaigns but the one making sure the technical flow is perfect.
    Across all activities you will make sure that everything is connected to a analytics system like OctoBoard so you know exactly what is going well and what not – in real time.
    Your experience and your creativity will drive a growth rate that will allow you to hire a team and build your marketing department.

Qualifications as Digital Marketing Manager

  • You think and breath marketing and use technology to transport the content
  • You are using tools like Adobe Creative Suite and video creation, which are second nature to you.
  • You are leveraging AI tools like Mid Journey, Synthesia, Open.AI to optimize your creative time and push repeat jobs to machines.
  • You are well-versed in turning mediocre footage into stunning video clips.
  • Growth hacking is what turns you on and drives 30% growth per month
  • You are a natural networking talent that allows you to connect with whoever is relevant to your work
  • You leverage reporting tools to bring everything in alignment.
  • You can easily switch between English and German language
  • You are a live long learner to continuously enhances your relevant experience levels
Digital Marketing Manager

What you should know

Your Dream Job

If this describes your dream and you can envision yourself shape it into something amazing, you are in the right place. During the interview process, you find out whether it is a match or juts another job. And when you work here for a few days to test it out, you will know for sure. Don’t ruin your CV with yet another hope that it works out.

Your Talent

We care more about your talents or traits than certificates and degrees.
We seek people who are Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, Creatives, Communicative, Competitive, Connected, and Continuous.
‘Impossible’ – is a word that we usually don’t use.
‘Devils Advocates’ are no good match.
Don’t wonder why it can’t work – find reasons how it will work.

Your Credentials

We are looking for people who fluently speak English and German.
Sorry, you must be a Swiss citizen or have a Swiss work permit.
You will be with us 100% – no exceptions – no home office.

Our Location & Office

8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is next to the lake, the opera, and the city center. There are tram stops, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance. We are all happy to think, create, work, and grow together. We are all BTO (Back to Office).
Home office won’t work for us.

Company Ownership

The founders gave 10% of the company into the hand of employees.
Employees can get stock options and turn them into stocks when vested.
As the company grows, so will the stock option value.

Our Offer

A cool team of open minds
A place for life long learning
Monthly salary
Plus, a success bonus.
A stock option plan
An opportunity to make a difference

Application Logistics

No need to send any resume.
Please review our hiring process.
Complete your career application with love.
Send us an email to career@ and share your interest and ambition.
We’ll review your LinkedIn profile.
We will carefully assess your career application.
Then, let’s do an initial video call and take it from there.

We can’t wait to hear from you – we really mean it :)