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BlueCallom.AI Explained

BlueCallom.AI Explained

Introduction to BlueCallom

The BlueCallom Model

BlueCallom empowers business leaders to create and deliver breakthrough innovation from scratch to market validation in less than six months. Based on massive experience, the compilation of the BlueCallom Innovation Framework, the development of a unique Neuro Innovation Design Method and creation of a superior AI-driven enterprise software, BlueCallom offers an end-to-end innovation development and management software. It is our mission, that nobody fails to innovate when using BlueCallom.
– Strategic Thinking
– Innovation Framework
– A methodical end-to-end innovation approach
– A robust AI-driven innovation software
Constitutes the BlueCallom Model
What ERP is to manage your existing business is BlueCallom to build your future business

What is Innovation?

Innovation is elevating how people do things in a way that was never possible before.  How does it differ from improvement or so-called incremental ‘Innovation’? Genuine innovation is, from the ground up, new; it fulfills new needs, its usage is new, it ignites new sales and service channels, and even sometimes creates a new industry; it is designed from scratch, is produced from scratch and its sales and marketing methods are new. Improvements are based on existing products with existing production lines sold to existing customers, through existing sales methods and existing marketing, supported by existing support models and existing business models. Those improvements make life a bit easier but it doesn’t elevate people in the way they do things that were never possible before.

Corporate Innovation Considerations

When you are talking about innovation in the way we did above, you will realize that the power of innovation is not just a better product, but the sum of all opportunities you create when starting from scratch. When innovating, you will consider new ways to build the product and bring it to market, new players that could provide additional values that may also be innovative and new ways to help customers learn about the product and engage with it and its brand.

Innovation Dream Teams

When starting from scratch and there are no old boundaries, you may wonder why those unicorn teams are so different? Why could they build a breakthrough innovation that changed the world with just 5 to 10 people of which only 3 may have been experts and your R&D team of 100 super stars cannot? Don’t point to the organization and its rules. Thousands startups with only engineers failed and continue to fail. Within the past 50 years we learned the hard way that a small agile time of diverse background with specific traits continuously outperform global enterprises. Only nobody cared to analyzed it in every detail.

BlueCallom Innovations Framework

The above mentioned tricky aspects are accompanied by more than 100 additional items to explore when trying to innovate. Innovation is no magic , no serendipity and not something extremely hard to do. All it takes is to dissect the entire flow, the process steps, the team s and times needed and putting professionally together.

BlueCallom Software

The sheer amount of data which are collected in an innovation process requires a tool to store the data, analyze them and then use it to predict an outcome. By fusing neuroscience and AI, BlueCallom gained an unparalleled competitive advantage. Time to Innovation has basically collapsed from years to weeks. Innovation success predictability is reaching to a forecast of single digit percent accuracy, and innovation team process administration almost entirely vanished away through one of the AI applications we developed. We are using six different AI applications to manage the various tasks like 1) AI aided neuro ideation, 2) innovation research, 3) innovation success indication, 4) idea visualization, 5) user guidance and administration, 6) decision validation support (new).

Innovation Tools and Guidance

Don’t waste your time, and don’t clog your neuro pathways.


Start by studying the 100+ page Innovation Framework we provide it for free as a download, and you can even copy it under a CC license.

Take the “Innovation Principles” close to your heart. It is a massive collection of why nearly every corporation on the planet failed to innovate – for more than 50 years. It’s not their lake of ability but nobody really knew how this all works. No wonder that only 1,600 unicorns from roughly 2 Million startups made it all the way to the top.

The first set of questions to answer before even thinking of ideas or team building, is WHY YOU INNOVATE? WHO DO YOU INNOVATE FOR? WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF INNOVATING? What happens if you don’t innovate, like in the past and you are still alive and your current competitors have the same issue?

How boring and so 2003, right? Wrong. If you want to grow a Billion Euro unicorns from zero to massive, you can’t even hope it will magically happen. It is a race against time, the rest of the world, and your own brain. This is the top class of intellectual engagement and it takes every tool available to make it work. Otherwise, we all had disruptive businesses.

And finally, it takes a very carefully woven structure to build a unicorn within an enterprise. And not only a structure for the here and now, Innovation needs a construct that grows with its success and market acceptance. The day it is re-integrated it into the “old” organization can be called funeral. There are almost 50 reasons why it can’t work that way but people keep trying.

Consider taking a Framework Training to shortcut the reading, and missing the stories and discussions.


Another vehicle that may help starting the process of genuine innovation is to play with BlueCallom Lite, a reduced and much easier way to learn about the software and have only two episodes to complete: Needs & Dreams and Neuro Ideation. The result is a real breakthrough innovation concept that you could build. You learn to thin differently develop an innovation culture that is very different to the playground culture in today’s corporations and teaches you something about smart versus hard.


We offer public training that is sometimes very quickly sold out so just plan it well. This includes Executive trainings, Innovation Framework Training, Neuro Innovation Design Training and others. You will quickly see what is best for you or maybe all of them.

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Starting with BlueCallom.Lite Your Sandbox

BlueCallom.AI Explained - Lite Version

This is the easiest start for autodidacts. We provide you with all the learning material, our Corporate Innovations Framework and a few videos and you will find your way. You can create as many projects as you like and have up to 0 users for free. BlueCallom Lite is a two episode version where you do your “Needs & Dreams Analysis” and then start immediately with the complete Neuro Ideation Method. At the end of this second episode you have a complete breakthrough innovation concept. If you now want to build it, bring it to market and grow and scale your solution, you can upgrade any time and go through the full process. Because “making it successful in a global market” is the hardest part and the most counterintuitive with innovation, you may want to engage with our project teams and get trained and get an advisory service.

1) Get the Innovation Framework Documentation and explore what innovation really means.
2) Take a training to be safe understanding the complexity of innovation.
3) Then register for BlueCallom LITE. The software is rather intuitive so you don’t need a training for LITE.

Starting with BlueCallom.AI Corporate Edition

BlueCallom.AI Explained - for corporationsWhen corporations make strategic decisions to create serious breakthrough innovations and build large-scale innovation projects, it is wise to also start strategically from day one. BlueCallom.AI is very intuitive and easy to use, but it takes an understanding about innovation that makes BlueCallom to a starship that somebody needs to know how to fly. This is the reason why we don’t sell the corporate edition without guidance. It’s not the complexity of the system but the complexity of innovation as a whole.

Check out the details for a kick-start program on our website.
Reach out to our customer success managers and get an idea how we can help you accelerate the innovation process.


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