Any innovate idea ever created is composed of millions of experiences.


Neuro Innovation Training

Neuro Innovation Training - BlueCallom featured for innovative minds Business processes are linear – creative processes are lateral. Learning the difference helps attendees realize, why ideation and innovative thinking cannot be successful with linear processes. Deep Innovation Design is a neuroscience-influenced model and built from the ground up in a lateral structure for creating disruptive innovation with a predictable outcome in less than 6 weeks or never. 

The certified Deep Innovation Design Champion training is starting on March 22 and running for one week. Attendees will learn the foundation and methods of neuro innovation processes.

  • What neuroscience found about the creation of ideas in our brain
  • Why ideas with Neuro Ideation are neither random nor by accident.
  • Linear vs. lateral and iterations are still part of a linear model
  • How Innovation Opportunities get discovered
  • How to build an Innovation Dream Team
  • How Neuro Ideation actually works and why brainstorming could never deliver disruptive ideas
  • How idea validation makes a big difference from now on
  • How to use lateral thinking to make innovation financing successful.
  • How to build a functional product in 8 weeks, no matter how complex the solution may be.
  • How to bring a highly disruptive solution successfully to market

As a result, attendees can participate in any Deep Innovation Design based Innovation Project.
BlueCallom featured for innovative minds includes a 50% discount for all Beta test users.

Beta testing BlueCallom Deep

The Innovation Management System software, BlueCallom Deep is uniquely architected and exclusively designed for a modern neuro innovation process. It is no project management software because innovation is not a linear but a lateral process. Even though we are all trained to work linear (step by step) one of our brain’s biggest power lays in its lateral capabilities. While the world trimmed almost all business processes to be linear for simplicity reasons, creative processes are almost always laterally (multi-directional) in order to bring highly creative solutions forward.

Beta Testing BlueCallom Deep Experience the power of the first lateral business process system that leads to disruptive innovation like no other. It is changing the entire “act of innovation” and you will realize why past innovation processes had been so hard and difficult to achieve even mediocre successes.

Get free one-day training on Feb 25 to get your arms around the methodology that is supported by the system. The software itself is very intuitive and easy to use. 

What makes BlueCallom different?
  • Unique Experience 
    Our founder’s team has started, grown, and exited four disruptive businesses. They did not know how they got to those ideas – thanks to neuroscience, in 2019 they found out.
  • Neuro Ideation
    Every idea ever created, was based on past experiences. Brain cells and neurons cannot “create” Innovative ideas on their own. But they can compose amazing scenarios. Done in a well-selected team we can do anything we can think of. The BlueCallom Neuro Ideation method was created in spring 2020.
  • Unique architecture for the innovative minds
    Innovation team members rightfully argue that their creative process is not supported by linear step-by-step methods and business tools. BlueCallom is one of the first business applications ever, supporting lateral thinking through our unique canvas architecture and non-linear process flow.
  • Innovation Opportunity Discovery
    The risk to get disrupted by even a tiny startup is growing rapidly. A completely new step in the innovation process is the way we identify opportunities in the market. A methodical way to mitigate disruption risks and increase opportunities.
  • Innovation KPI Framework and Dashboard
    No matter how much creativity we have, getting the innovation to market and the financing to scale is another huge barrier. The BlueCallom DEEP application is creating between 10,000 and 25,000 data points during an innovation process and can provide a never seen before Innovation Management Dashboard.
Making innovation predictable, manageable, in the fastest way to disruption.