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HIA Charter

HIA Explained

Human Intelligence Augmentation was already thought of in the 1960s. The term, Human Intelligence Augmentation was coined by Douglas Engelbart in 1960.

HIA Definition

Human Intelligence Augmentation can be defined as


To achieve Human Intelligence Augmentation, we need some technology very much like nay other Human Ability Augmentation needed.

HIA Charter

Human Intelligence Augmentation can be interpreted in many ways.  For that reason, we share the HIA Charter of BlueCallom here.

Center of our HIA Charter
We will develop Technology and Methodology for Human Intelligence Augmentation to augment the Human Mind and not replace it.
In the past 250 years, humans built tools to augment their muscle power and mobility. Nobody sees a crane or car as a competition for human abilities to lift heavy things or run. It is the opposite, those tools provided humanity with an enormous elevation to do things that were impossible before.


1) Scope of the HIA Charter
All generally agreed-upon ethics, such as privacy, dignity, human rights, fairness, and so forth, shall apply to AI and Neuro Technology and its behavior in no different way than to humans. Needless to list all situations.

2) Origin of the term
Already in 1960, Engelbart and Licklider coined the term ‘Human Intelligent Augmentation’ with AI. Even though the technology was not there, the vision was clear. We are following that concept as one of our principles to use AI for Human Intelligent Augmentation.

3) Inclusion
Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA) is not limited to or exclusive to highly intelligent people. Homo Sapiens is intelligent and as such all humans are intelligent. The different levels of intelligence seem to stem from genetics, education, environment people live in and similar dependencies. Human Intelligence Augmentation must be accessible for any person and any intelligence level, if that is even an appropriate term.

This version of our HIA Charter was  released Nov 10, 2023
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