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Ingenuity Cup 2021 | Award Ceremony

June 22 @ 7:00 PT | 14:00 GMT | 16:00 CEST | 20:00 HKT

On June 22, a global community of innovative minds will virtually come together to support and evaluate the next generation of innovators. During the next 40 days, innovation teams will utilize the Neuro Ideation method and Deep Innovation Design Model to completely redesign the act of innovation. The results, groundbreaking innovations that were never before imagined and will completely disrupt their respective industries. Teams will present their innovations and it will be up to judges and the public to determine who will win the prestigious Ingenuity Cup, the cash prize, and the opportunity to compete for the 2025 Space Award.

BlueCallom is a supporter and sponsor of the 2021 Ingenuity Cup. For more information visit Ingenuity Cup.


  • Discovering Groundbreaking Innovations – The Experience | Axel Schultze, CEO of BlueCallom, Co-Founder & Chairman at World Innovations Forum
  • Innovation Team Presentations with Judging
  • Disruptive Innovation – Is it Possible? | Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck, BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy Director
  • Space Perspective – Journey to the Edge of Space | Jane Poynter, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective
  • Announcement of the 2021 Ingenuity Cup and additional Awards



The public vote will represent 49.5% of the scores. The Innovation Teams are encouraged to invite all their friends, prospects, and network. The stronger their online presence is, the more likely they will be successful in the long term (Groundbreaking Innovation = Ideation * Execution2).


Another 49.5% of the score will come from a jury of innovation experts, entrepreneurs, and innovation leaders. They will listen to the presentations and provide scores based on pre-determined criteria.


The remaining 1% will make the difference in the case that public votes and jury votes are not in synch. This 1% is reserved for all participating innovation teams from the competition.

Speaker Information

Axel Schultze, 
CEO of BlueCallom, Co-Founder & Chairman at World Innovations Forum

Axel is co-founder and CEO of the BlueCallom Group and co-founder and a member of the board of trustees at the World Innovations Forum Foundation. He is a 4x entrepreneur with four successful exits and founder of the San Francisco Accelerator in 2014, where BlueCallom originated. After building four highly innovative businesses and based on another six years of experience helping startups develop a disruptive business model, he was researching how our mind composes and processes innovative ideas. In 2016 he created the Innovations Paradigm model and in 2018 the Deep Innovation Design model with its neuro-ideation method at its core.

Matthes Fleck Ph.D., 
BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy Director

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck  Director of the Institute of communication and Marketing (IKM), Professor for digital business. Prof Fleck holds a PhD. from the University of St. Gallen. His research focus is on peer-to-peer networks, digital innovation management, and platform economy. Matthes teaches on executive and consecutive level at Lucerne School of Business, University of St. Gallen, University of Zurich, and BI Oslo. Since 2015 he is working in cooperation with Society 3 and is a board member of the World Innovation Forum as well as BlueCallom.

Jane Poynter, 
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective

Jane’s career of innovation, focus and passion, has almost inevitably led her to creating Space Perspective with her husband and business partner Taber MacCallum.

Jane’s Ted talk on global sustainability has been viewed over one million times. She chronicled her time in the Biosphere in her book, The Human Experiment: Two years and twenty minutes inside Biosphere 2. Her second book, Champions for change: Athletes making a world of difference has become the backbone of a middle school stem program. As not only the co-CEO, but also the Chief Experience Officer of Space Perspective, Jane is charged with making sure all the space explorers who sign up for a Space Perspective flight have the most meaningful and memorable journey possible. The hope is to ignite and inspire a curiosity that will ultimately lead to a significant and global awareness.

For her full bio, please visit Space Perspective.

Jury of Innovation Experts

Robert J Clougherty, PhD 
Founder of Digital Transformation Consulting

Dr. Robert Clougherty is the founder of Digital Transformation Consulting; his primary focus is in the area of Higher Education and Learning Organizations. His specialty is the integration of Organization Building, Technological Proficiency, and Learning and Development. He has built a college from the ground up, has founded two technological institutes and served as director of a third, and he has founded an internet start-up. In addition to his consulting work, he is also developing a new venture called “Complex Universe,” which seeks to alter the structure and business model of Higher Education.

He was previously a co-founder and CEO of MindAppster, Inc., a company that built a knowledge management app. With a specialty in Semiotics, Dr. Clougherty has taught and published in multiple disciplines from technology and literature to chemistry and engineering. His work has also been translated into multiple languages.

Alkan Dogan, 
Innovation Manager Germany at Simmons&Simmons

Alkan is the Innovation Manager for the Simons&Simmons German offices in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich. He specialises in realising new opportunities for smarter solutions – both internally and for their clients. Alkan does not only focus on identifying new ways to support their clients, but also on enabling each colleague to drive change and innovate for themselves.

Alkan is in charge of managing all innovation activities and projects in Germany. These projects mainly focus on strengthening innovation culture, implementing “new ways of working”, and developing innovative solutions to help his clients to shine. In addition to this, Alkan has established a number of different formats which focus on equipping their lawyers with a unique skillset and understanding of Legal Technology.

Having been a strong advocate for enabling colleagues to unleash their innovative potential, Alkan has created the “Innovation Circle” in Germany – a group of enthusiastic “challengers” across their German offices, ready to explore innovation for themselves, their teams and their clients.

During his professional career, Alkan has designed and led many exciting initiatives and activities evolving around innovation management and its sustainable organizational implementation. These range from strategic to operational – including Innovation Strategy Design, Hackathons/Innovation Challenges, Legal Innovation events, and the development of numerous solutions including workflow & document automation.

Thomas Kern, 
Managing Partner at Kern & Partner

Thomas Kern holds a master’s in computer science from ETH Zürich and an EMBA from HSG St. Gallen. In 2003 Thomas founded an independent company to provide advisory, business development, and project management services to early-stage and growth companies active in the high-tech sector by leveraging the lean startup methodology. In current client relationships, Thomas leads several digital transformation initiatives for major financial institutions with the objective to optimize innovation processes and apply design thinking together with agile software development to capture the business value of the digital transformation.

In 2015 Thomas co-founded the Swiss Fintech Angels (SFA) initiative and in 2016 he won the support of a two years grant by CTI the federal innovation promotion agency responsible for encouraging science-based innovation in Switzerland. To implement SFA Thomas decided to join the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) as a board member. In the 4 years tenure as an active board member, Thomas helped grow the SICTIC investor community from 30 to over 350 investors. This was achieved by successfully executing the SFA implementation plan and helping SICTIC to structure a better deal flow by organizing thematic events to match selected startups with smart money investors.

With his volunteering engagements, Thomas has the objective to help grow and strengthen the fintech, blockchain, and crypto ecosystem in Switzerland and worldwide. In addition to his current advisory and client mandates, Thomas is interested in continuing to support startups as an advisor, mentor, or board member.

Marie-Helene Lamarre, 
Manager Business Development at BASF

Marie-Helene is a senior manager, entrepreneurial in nature, with 20 years of experience in innovation and new business deployment in highly regulated sectors: health, energy, cleantech, innovation in all sectors. Recognized expertise in bringing eclectic stakeholders and enable constructive collaboration to a shared outcome.

She lead several strategic growth projects in North America and internationally. She is an excellent communicator, recognized for her strategic vision while close to field operations. Her high level of energy, her ability to mobilize and put partners into action to deliver the expected results are part of the added value she brings to an organization.

Mikel Mangold, 
Innovation Project Manager, Venture Lab at NGK/NTK

Mikel Mangold is a Germany-based corporate innovator, working for the Venture Lab at NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD, previously worked for Bayer G4A (Digital Health Start-Up Accelerator) and the Bayer CoLaborator (Biotech Start-Up Incubator) in San Francisco. Co-Author of the academic paper: What Corporates Can Do to Help an Innovation Ecosystem Thrive — and Why They Should Do It, co-host of The Ecosystem Show, advisor, and mentor. Mikel creates positive change through networks. A chemist by training and exponential thinker.

Kevin Minier, 
Expert by Experience

Kevin has been supporting the UK Health and Social Care Sector for over 20 years including mentoring senior executives and advising on national policy and guidelines.  Prior to this, he worked for 15 years in software companies developing computerized business systems and providing training internationally.  In addition, he has supported numerous start-up companies for impact and is an avid networker: sharing ideas and best practices on innovation, stakeholder satisfaction, and co-production.

“My passion is supporting people to recognize their passion and release their potential.”

Jonathan Moore, 
Chief Innovation Officer at PowerPT

Jonathan is a marketer, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur who’s lived in Korea since 2006. He develops innovation programs and helps startups with global growth and investment opportunities. He is also the host of Podium Star, Seoul Pitch Day, and SaaStock Seoul.

At his first two startups, he raised $30M in VC funds and acquired millions of customers. So he decided to help other startups in their quest for global success. He manages and develops accelerator programs, pitch competitions, Open Innovation projects, and consult early-stage fintech, mobility, SaaS, AI, and biotech startups.

He is always open to discussing startups and innovation projects around the world.

Tony Namulo, 
Customer Experience and Success Director at Tavalé

Tony Namulo, is a 20 year veteran in customer experience, innovation and relationship management within the tech and service industry. He has held national, regional, and global roles within multinational organisations including a 16-year career with Microsoft in both Europe Middle East and Africa and in Asia and the Pacific. As Founder and Director of Customer Experience and Success at Tavalé he helps organisations around the world improve customer and employee experiences. His passion is making the world better one experience at a time.

Dr. Edgar-John Vogt, 
Company Scout for German Accerelator Life Sciences

Edgar-John Vogt is a PhD trained scientist and health innovator turned company scout at German Accelerator, which supports German startups to scale globally.

Edgar completed his PhD and MSc in Cell Biology at Bielefeld University in Germany and he also holds a BS degree from Pepperdine University. As a Visiting Fellow at the U.S. National Institutes of Health he led innovative femtech projects. He has an extensive publication record in prestigious scientific journals with 800+ citations.

Prior to joining German Accelerator he managed an international cancer-focused graduate program at the Charité in Berlin. Through his work as lead scientist and manager he gained a deep understanding of how science translates to novel business ideas. As company scout for the Life Sciences Program at German Accelerator, he has advised more than 100 German startup companies including healthtech and deeptech on international expansion to the U.S. and Asia. He currently also pursues a MBA at one of Germany’s top business schools, the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.