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Learn all about Deep Innovation Design

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BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy

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100 Million Innovation Managers

400 Million businesses are competing for the best innovation managers. 20% of them will create 100 Million Innovation Management positions by end of this decade. This will represent the largest number of new jobs ever created within just 1 decade.

Creating awareness for this shift and educating people will be the biggest challenge. BlueCallom decided to expand its education program beyond customer training and offers training to become an innovation team member or manager independent of the technology we are offering.


Certification Programs


We envision innovation, and the act of innovation will be the most strategic engagement of modern businesses. Innovation means a significant competitive advantage, a magnet for top talents, and a key performance indicator for capital markets. Innovation is the next frontier in career development for any human. The top innovation teams are not loaded with experts but designed with a high degree of diversity. As part of our vision, we engage in unleashing the human most precious talents that every human is born with, ingenuity.


In these webinars, we discuss how innovation will shift from randomness to professionalism, the new methods leading to data like no other in today’s innovation space, and how BlueCallom’s academy certificates will play a key role in your innovation career.

Orientation Webinars

Letter of Justification

You may want to use our Letter of Justification template to request approval from your manager. Modern businesses are very interested to keep their teams well educated and they may pay for the training.