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Before we start

We approach innovation by understanding the full scope before we start.

The more complexity there is, the better it is to understand it before we try things out. This is how we approach innovation as a concept in the first place. We wanted to understand innovation’s origin, reason, and purpose to become helpful later on. And we wanted to understand the ultimate endpoint and all the aspects in between. No, we don’t want to boil the ocean – we want to understand the ocean before we set sail.

Innovation Principles

Perspective in an Innovation Organization

Understanding the principles

We needed to understand all the Innovation Principles before we go out and help others to innovate. Obviously that was a onetime job and everything else builds, maintains and adjusts the principles as we go and learn more every day.

We also need to know the principle business and its most current objectives and long-term visions to help with the first innovation project. We need to know the CEO’s goals and interest in innovation for their next years in order to help establish a corporate wide strategy and direction for their teams.

Just trying to create ideas, hunt ideas or buy companies with ideas to overcome their own lack of innovation power is a terrible way to start. The principle of innovation and innovation continuum is to permanently stay on top of markets and stay relevant. This cannot be outsourced.


Incubation & Hatch in an Innovation Organization

Knowing the Innovation Leadership

Before we even start we need to know the leadership from CEO down. If there is no interest in investing in innovation, there is no innovation. In that case, we would only be standing in their way.

By getting to know the leadership we get to know the way things get done, culture and more. This is necessary to define reasonable goals and objectives.

Innovation Structure

Leadership in an Innovation Organization

Understanding all corporate construct

How is innovation done across the company? What does the innovation strategy look like? How are goals defined? What is innovation success? How qualified are innovation team members? And approximately 30 related questions.