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Innovation Development & Execution As Service

Consciously developing a groundbreaking innovative within a time frame and a budget.

Innovation as a Service background

Being innovative is a necessity for all businesses, from all industries in all societies. However, today it is challenging to implement innovation teams in the respective organization, given business objectives such as productivity, employee utilization levels, and profitability goals.

There is a perceived need to get innovation done outside the corporation. Companies acquire startups or collaborate with educational institutes to get ideas and inspiration. In most companies, the need to create an internal organization is overshadowed by the question: “How would such an organization be established, managed, and what is success?

BlueCallom introduces IDEAS (Innovation Development & Execution As’a Service) to help businesses get started with their innovation projects outside their day-to-day work. The company can pull the entire process or parts of the process inside their organization later.

Business Model
The BlueCallom team offers the service at different levels and different price ranges. This customer can choose to let the BlueCallom team conduct and manage the entire project, or select to have a mix of BlueCallom and client teams collaborate, or by the client’s teams with guidance by BlueCallom innovation experts.  Pricing depends on resources and innovation project objectives.

Program Characteristics

 BlueCallom IDEAS Programs

Who is it for Duration Expected outcome Certificate
Corporations in need of genuine innovation* 6 month to 3 years Groundbreaking innovation delivered and successfully launched  IDEAS Certificate
Team size Prerequisite Fees Delivery mode
0 to 25 Innovation Readiness Check Depending on scope Digital
Online collaboration 

* genuine innovation is a groundbreaking, usually disruptive, innovation. It changes the way people do things. It is not an improvement of an existing solution.


BlueCallom offers the service in different, independent blocks that can be ordered separately. Only Block 1 Is mandatory for an engagement.

BLOCK 1 – Innovation Readiness Analysis
Our team of experts will make an innovation readiness analysis including an innovation strategy for the next six years.

BLOCK 2 – Ideation and Financing
A team of 7 innovation experts will work three months from innovation opportunity discover (starting with nothing) to ideation, developing a disruptive solution, market validation, and solution financing.

BLOCK 3 – MVP Building and Market Preparation
The following six months will include prototyping, building the first minimum viable product (MVP), and conducting the market introduction.

BLOCK 4 – Innovation Production & Market Entry
Production line development depending on the product type i.e., Hardware, Drugs or clinical equipment, physics research, software, services, organizational innovation, and other innovation types. At the same time, market-entry, developing advocacy and analyzing feedback for marketing and sales.

BLOCK 5 – Scaling
24-month sales and rapid growth development with an exponential growth rate in the respective country. Then going global, with continuous exponential growth for another 36 months.

1) After each block, a review process will determine how to continue.

2) Block 3 may have different timelines based on the product and research needs for prototyping.

3) Block 4 may have different timelines and resource needs based on the complexity of the product, i.e., Mars Inhabitation Solutions, versus a Smartphone innovation or an innovative service.


The service is facilitated online as the experts BlueCallom is using may be distributed around the world.

Creating an internal innovation culture

Data and Access

Backend Technology Advantage
The entire innovation process, the accumulated data, summarizations, performance data, and dashboard report data, resides in BlueCallom DEEP, a cloud-based innovation management platform. Every single piece of information is stored there. In addition, a comprehensive KPI framework and reporting system can visualize progress, failure, and successes.

Clients have real-time access to the system. After the project was completed, the client can download all data in PDF form for easy handling. Alternatively, clients can acquire a license to continue working with the platform.

Why are we so sure about the results?

  1. We know from neuroscience and also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, as well as experiences with startups we guided to groundbreaking innovation in the past years, that creating ideas is neither accidental nor random. Based on the understanding, how our brain composes ideas, we are able to stimulate innovative ideas and come to groundbreaking ideas within two weeks on average. The BlueCallom Neuro ideation process is far more predictable than any conventional brainstorming and is never hoping for ideas but ideas can be expected with the right inputs.
  2. The initial value of an idea is zero. While an innovative idea is only a spark that triggers a whole innovation process, it is essential. The value of innovation is created through its distribution into the designated market. The duality of a brilliant idea and relentless execution is driving innovation success. One is nothing without the other.

Your Innovation Success Managers

The BlueCallom team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the success of the innovation program, resulting in groundbreaking innovation.

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Matthes Fleck BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Axel Schultze

Matthes Fleck (Ph.D.)

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

Program Details & Application

Fees |  Determined after defining the scope