Innovation creates competitive advantages. It takes unique leadership to make it happen.

Innovation Dream Team Model

What is an innovation dream team?

Abilities & Skills of an Innovation Dream Team

Core of the Innovation Dream Team Model

Three areas where this unique Innovation Dream Team need to be a perfect match.

  1. Highly diverse background as a team. For example a mix of sales, marketing, finance, administrative people and subject mater expert
  2. All having a high match on their specific cognitive abilities: Curious, Courageous, Clairvoyant, Confident, Creative, Collaborative, Communicative, and Continuous
  3. Non of the candidates have a high ego, relentless career energy, but a high team energy, inspiring and the ability to develop a passion for the challenge they get faced with.

No, you don’t need to look for any degree.

Where do you find those Innovation Talents?

Attraction in the Innovation Dream Team Model

You will be surprised. The top talents may already be in your company. Chances are more than 50/50. But they are not your typical employee. Usually, they are in the very early stage of a career. Maybe three years with you and sometimes not a good fit for an enterprise career. They see too much, are too curious and involved in other things, and are easily bored. They may leave soon.

Somebody with 10+ years of a career in your organization is already too valuable for your existing business and too involved in the current processes. They can probably better defend what you have than anybody else. They already have too much ownership of what they helped build to throw it away simply. And they may not be interested in risking their career where they are halfway through rather than risking it for an experiment.

If you can’t find the talents inside (not likely at all), you find them outside your company.

The Art of Innovation Dream Team Assembly

Build a team that can change the world

Innovation teams are hired to make the impossible a reality. Such a position has a compelling aspect and challenges are for many people more important than just money. Building such a team requires specific skills and a deeper understanding of what innovation really means to a company or organization. In this case also: what does it mean for somebody who may have the opportunity to change the world.

IMPORTANT: You are not hiring people that fit into your enterprise. You don’t hire people who want to become experts in something, or want to make a steep career, or want to become an enterprise executive one day.  They are not even productive in the sense of getting better and better, becoming a manager and so forth. You are hiring people who would start their own business but through many different circumstances decide not to.

You are hiring open minded, far sighted, extremely fast thinking generalists. People who question the status quo and have a very strategic mind on how to make a difference.