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BlueCallom Innovation Kick Start Program

Accelerating the innovation start

Guided Innovation Experience

The full lifecycle of a ground breaking innovation

The BlueCallom Innovation Kick Start Program is designed for teams to rapidly develop a major innovation or groundbreaking internal transformation. Up until very recently, ideas were thought to be random and accidental, but they are not. Today we know how an ideation process in our brain can be stimulated and executed. We help assemble an innovation Dream Team that will quickly be empowered to perform exceptional innovative thinking and execution.

The BlueCallom Kick Start Program is helping teams to move from “Don’t know where to start” to “Cognitive Ideation” and bringing “Innovation to market”. Attendees do not need any special education, definitely no technical background, and complete an innovation talent test.

Objective: A groundbreaking innovation within 3 months.

Starting from a position of strength

Innovation takes 7 to 20 years to become mainstream. Also, each of the growth rates showed exponential growth. You can see this with any development in the past 25 years. What is interesting in recent years: The capital market is in favors innovation over size.
2007 first 3 guests – the company was founded
2009 21,000 guests
2018 300 Million guests
2021 market cap $93 Billion *
2021 Hilton market cap $36 Billion *
2012 2,000 or so cars
2015 35,000 cars
2020 1,000,000 cars
2021 market cap $570 Billion *
2021 Daimler market cap  $84 Billion *
* = June 15, 2021

Program Characteristics

 Kick Start Program

Who is it for Duration Expected outcome Certificate
Corporations in need of genuine innovation* 3 months Groundbreaking innovation delivered and successfully launched  BKS Certificate
Team size Prerequisite Fees Delivery mode
5 Innovation Readiness Check
Innovation Strategy
Team Assembly
US$/€ 48,000 Digital
Online collaboration 

* genuine innovation is a groundbreaking, usually disruptive, innovation. It changes the way people do things. It is not an improvement of an existing solution.

Program Agenda

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator

START | Boot Camp Week

Day 1 | Mon

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • General Deep Innovation Design Model
  • Methodology
  • Innovation Journey Map
  • Innovation Strategy Model and development

Day 2 | Tues

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Innovation Strategy Development
  • Using the strategy hexagon
  • Team verification
  • Innovation space definition
  • Executive approval
BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Map

Day 3 | Wed

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Team assembly
  • Innovation Opportunity discovery
  • Project preparation

Day 4 | Thurs

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Neuro Ideation Process
  • Customer and partner selection
  • Neuro Ideation Sessions Sessions
  • Mind conditions for Neuro Ideation
  • Exploring the processes

Day 5 | Fri

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Idea Validation preparation
  • Disruptive Business Model preparation
  • Management Presentation preparation
  • Finance and resource planning preparation
  • Deployment or go to market preparation

Three months brilliant ideation and relentless execution

WEEK 2 | Opportunity Discovery

  • Participant meeting
  • Audience interviews
  • Challenge identification
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Deep dive interviews
  • Results valuation and focus decision

WEEK 3-4 | Needs & Dreams

  • Needs & Dreams Analysis
  • Customer interviews
  • Research collection
  • Innovation Target

WEEK 5-7 | Cognitive Ideation

  • Idea composition process
  • Overcoming natural brain barriers
  • First principle thing
  • Analogous unrelated scenes
  • Innovation confluence
  • Callomburst
  • Idea manifestation

Week 8-9 |
Idea Validation & Financing

  • Idea Validation Process
  • Logistics, production and financial plausibility
  • Idea presentation and validation techniques
  • Results analysis
  • Partner validation and selection
  • Go-to-market vision
  • Financial planning
  • CFO presentation preparation

Week 10-12 |
Solution Realization

  • Building a first MVP representing the core features of the idea
  • KPIs for true industry disruption as part of the product
  • Getting some key customers involved in the Alpha product verification
  • In parallel crafting the “Innovation-to-Market” strategy
  • Audience selection and preparation
  • Go-to-market plan

Week 10-12 | Market Introduction

In parallel to the solution realization

  • Raising a market born product
  • Innovation-to-market process
  • Revenue development
  • Scaling

Why are we so sure about the results?

  1. We know from neuroscience and also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, as well as experiences with startups we guided to groundbreaking innovation in the past years, that creating ideas is neither accidental nor random. Based on the understanding, how our brain composes ideas, we are able to stimulate innovative ideas and come to groundbreaking ideas within two weeks on average. The BlueCallom Neuro ideation process is far more predictable than any conventional brainstorming and is never hoping for ideas but ideas can be expected with the right inputs.
  2. The initial value of an idea is zero. While an innovative idea is only a spark that triggers a whole innovation process, it is essential. The value of innovation is created through its distribution into the designated market. The duality of a brilliant idea and relentless execution is driving innovation success. One is nothing without the other.

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator – Logistics & Requirements


You always have access to high-speed Internet, a webcam and a microphone. You have a large screen or a high-resolution laptop. You can make PPT presentations. Due to the nature of the tools, you cannot participate by using your smartphone or tablet.


In order to gather customer insights and perform a market validation, you will need to have permission to access some of your top customers. You will need to get in touch with users at your customer by email or phone, yet never do any survey.


All teammates take responsibility even if it is not their job. Everybody in the team is of curious nature, exceptionally courageous and creative, highly communicative, and everybody speaks fluently English.


This is a full-time program with no time for “other work”. You will want to complete a variety of tasks including market research, in-person customer interviews (no questionnaires), approximately 20 – 30  ideation meetings, refinement meetings, team idea analysis work, market validation interviews, idea refinements, and much more. You and your team will need to focus 100% on the innovation project.

Your Innovation Success Guardian

The BlueCallom team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the success of the innovation program, resulting in groundbreaking innovation.

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Matthes Fleck BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Axel Schultze

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

Program Details & Application

Fees |  To be determined after defining the scope

  • 3-months guided innovation effort
  • The result is a groundbreaking innovation.

An innovative solution is defined as a game-changing product, service, or business model that will force competitors to respond.