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Neuro Innovation Management Canvas
BlueCallom System Design

Innovative System Design

  • Unlimited simultaneous innovation projects.
  • KPIs from 10,000+ data points.
  • Enterprise-grade report consolidation over five hierarchy levels or more from hundreds or thousands of innovation teams across the world.
  • Supporting the big five innovation types: Product, experience, business model, organizational and structural innovation
  • Scalable architecture that can be extended to other methods such as Design Thinking, Six Sigma, Agile, and others.
  • Digital multi-user canvas model
  • Multi episode innovation structure from ideas to global markets
  • Company size-adjusted innovation processes
  • Fully customer and partner integrated innovation processes
  • Executive dashboard for enterprise-level, multiple innovation efforts 
  • Genetic computing design for millions of data objects
  • Full training program by BlueCallom Academy

Enterprise-Grade User Administration

  • User and company rights, roles and access administration
  • Automatic corporate account verification
  • Multi business unite structure
  • Global innovation report consolidation

Unique and Most Advanced Technology

  • High-performance genetic computing architecture
  • Goodbye forms and tables – Multidimensional canvas architecture

Innovation Journey Map

Neuro Innovation Management  Innovation Journey Map

Methods & Episodes

Each episode in the Neuro Innovation Management System process has its own method. While each method is rather autonomous in its structure, it may be important to complete previous episodes before advancing to the next. There is a possible dataflow from one method to the next. The methodical approach makes it very easy and intuitive to work with.

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Enterprise Innovation Challenges

Creating the next billion $ idea is definitely not a walk in the park, and they don’t grow on trees. Yet we know they exist and we know they are real – ONLY NOW we know how to develop them.

Where do we start? Disruption can come from anywhere! Start with an “Innovation Opportunity Discovery” a unique method to find opportunities BEFORE others can capture them.
How can we develop a strategy if we don’t know what ideas we will create? Build a strategy with the “BlueCallom Strategy Hexagon” based on the Innovation Opportunity Discovery.
Are my specialists and engineers best suited for a groundbreaking innovation? It’s not very likely. Consider using the “Innovation Dream Team Assembly” feature for the best possible team composition.
Even with good ideas, how do we know that there are needs and real desires in the market? Before you even start with ideation, make a “Needs & Dreams Analysis” with your customers.
We may learn what the market wants but don’t know how groundbreaking ideas are created. Today we know. With “Neuro Ideation” we can stimulate, what other Unicorn entrepreneurs did by accident.
How sure are we that our groundbreaking ideas match the market needs? The “Idea Validation” method is yet another key element in the entire innovation journey.
Our second biggest problem is to get the idea funded. We will never get millions like startups. Funding is always a matter of reasoning. The “Staged Innovation Financing” model makes it possible.
We seem to spend far too much time, money, and resources on experimentation and prototyping. BlueCallom’s “Solution Realization” method helps solve the problem by shifting the entire project sequence.
We failed too often when we introduced radically new solutions and therefore a more conservative approach is requested. The “Innovation-To-Market” model is a unique set of rather counterintuitive methods for a globally successful market entry.