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Implementation Services

Implementation Services Overview

Implementation Programs

1) BlueCallom Kick Start Implementation Program
Everything you and your organization need to know and be trained on to get to breakthrough innovation within six months.

2) BlueCallom Implementation Extension Program
If you already use BlueCallom, you may consider other departments using it too. Adding more licenses is very easy. But you may want them to go through the same knowledge transfer and training program. You can do that with your own team, which is already trained, or let us do it for you.

3) BlueCallom Innovation Advisory Services
The advisory services is provided to the innovation team manger to make sure the innovation journey is successful at any stage of the process.

4) BlueCallom Managed Innovation Services
In case resources are short and time is of essence, BlueCallom offers a Managed Innovation service, where BlueCallom manages the entire innovation process.

Innovation management software Implementation

Implementation Services

Some principles first

There are over 100 critical aspects of innovation that can’t be ignored. It requires teams with innovation relevant cognitive abilities, a solid innovation Meta strategy from the CEO, the commitment from the team to make the impossible a reality, a budget structure that is independent of R&D and product improvements, a zero bureaucracy culture, and a relentless focus on results and execution.

Our Innovation Experience

Our founders founded, grew and exited four disruptive companies. After selling their last company they helped startups to become highly innovative, three moved up to unicorn level. Thanks to neuroscience they learned how our brain composes and handles disruptive idea development. Today, they help enterprises do what is necessary to get to breakthrough innovation within six months.

How we work

  1. We want to make sure that your first innovation project with BlueCallom is a great success. This is not only in your interest but also in our interest.
  2. At our kick-off meeting we walk you through the entire process, all the way to innovation success.
  3. We start with Executive Workshops where we develop innovation goals, define what success is, develop an Innovation Meta Strategy and help craft an innovation mandate. Thereafter, we help you attract the best possible talents. Once onboarded, we train them.
  4. Your first BlueCallom innovation project can start. We perform our advisory service and work with you hand in hand to ensure the success of your innovation journey.
  5. Alternatively, we offer a managed innovation service where we manage the entire innovation project for you.