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The world will need roughly 100 Million innovation managers in the next 10 years.


Check out how well you may be doing in the innovation space. You don’t need any higher education. Most of the highly innovative entrepreneurs never made it to graduation. Instead, you need to be a good observer, a great listener, very curious, creative, and especially open-minded. We will help you identify a talent that you may not even know about.


You are exploring a career in the fast growing innovation space. No matter which industry.

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  • Managers in creative agencies
  • C-Level executives
  • Experts, Engineers, Scientists
  • Innovation managers
  • People in transition
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Approximately 400 Million SMEs and enterprises globally will hire in aggregate over 100 million innovation managers by the end of this decade. Innovation Dream Teams are not composed of experts but a highly diverse team. General office automation will follow the steps of industrial automation. Routine jobs will go away. And our future needs what humans have above and beyond machines: abundant creativity. You may be surprised.

You will receive the result with specific suggestions and a certificate (PDF) by email. We will not share your data in any way or shape with others unless we have your specific approval. But we may share the best matching innovation career opportunities with you as we get asked by customers from around the world.

It helps to put the analysis in context.


Not reallyIt depends onNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
You are determind to finish whatever you started no matter what
You are a specialist with profound knowledge in your respective field
You are highly communicative and inspiring
You are a specialist in several different fields
You are above average in listening to others and observing their actions
You are taking risks above average
You are a generalist with a wide range of very different fields
You are fast in learning new things if it is interesting to you.
You are a very creative problem solver
If you could, you would risk and invest your own money in the innovation you are going to create


I inform my bossI just fix it if I can, even if it is not my responsibility.I ignore it because I'm far too busyOther
When you recognize a problem in your organization the needs desperate improvement but nobody cares
YesNoI usually delegateRarely
I try a few things and see what the best way will beI think through options and then work on the most plausibleI inform others and hope they take care of itI try to understand the problem and call the most likely person to fix it
When you solve problems in business or otherwise,
Yes, when getting fired for trying, it's not my dream job anywayNo, the impact on my career would be too high.Depends on, too hard to tellYes, I prefer to make an impact and maybe cash a big reward
When you have a chance to make a major impact in your organization and could get a $25,000 reward but also see the risk that you could get fired for that.
Depends on, too hard to tellI would try to convince somebody else to do it and sell the idea for $10,000 or soSure, I would. I hope to have such an opportunity one dayNo, but I'd keep the idea for later.
If you had a chance to develop an amazing idea with a huge potential for a great business, Considering entrepreneurship involves working 12 - 14 hours a day, often weekends, take every money you saved and take a loan on anything else you poses, Tell your family that for the next three years you are not really available and build that company. With the risk that you loose everything and maybe even your family.
I usually work on projects or tasks alone, that is when I'm most efficient get things done the fastest. But still like the team work.Yes, teams are great when they interact but not too much chatter so I can focus on my concepts and work.Yes, because teamwork can make all the difference.I'm best at leading a team but not the best at collaborating day in and day out. I am very good at inspiring and motivate others.
If I have the opportunity, I can change the world, I just need the environment and resources to do so.I love to work on game changing projects. If I can envision the outcome, I love to take the opportunity.I love new things but I'm not a gambler. I need to see it to believe it. Live is too short to jump on every opportunity.Most people don't like change and I don't want to force others to change. Innovation is good but not always.


Not reallyIt depends onNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
When you see something new, do you immediately want to find out more about it?
You are very open minded, open for change
Do you quickly see new opportunities when you see something new?
You are very open minded, open for change
Do you see constant change as an annoyance?
You are fast in learning new things if it is interesting to you.


No I don'tYes, but not wellOnce in a whileyes, I doI do and absolutely love it
Hard for me to judge myselfExtremely creativeI love crawsI think soI'm more realist
Do you consider yourself creative? Not necessarily as artist but generally having crazy ideas or just ideas you are laughing about yourself.
I have no particular interest inIt's part of my educationI'm doing pretty wellI'm very good at itIt's part of my passion
I actually don't like all those analogiesNever thought about itModerately / okI find it super helpfulI love unrelated analogies
I'm more a realistI guess I've enough creativityGood balance between now and in the futureI have a good imagination, easily see 5 to 10 years outI love to think in time trajectories - can see what's in 100 years.
Yes, interestingYou are kidding me
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