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Innovation Framework Career EXCEPTIONAL KNOW-HOW
The number of people who know innovation from start to finish, from ideation to management, innovation economics to global scaling, is extremely small. The acquired know-how will allow you to deliver exceptional innovation results.

Innovation-Framework-ScopeFIRST FULL SCOPE
The BlueCallom Innovations Framework is the most comprehensive innovations framework and includes general innovation principles, strategies, methods, organization models, and execution. It is the first time full-scope training is publicly available.

We provide you with a deck to share your learnings with your team, your boss, and your bosses boss. You will have the most profound understanding of why innovation succeeds or fails and what it takes to create a repeatable, manageable, and predictable innovation.



2 days


2 Sessions

7 hours per session

Delivery Mode

Instructor-led online or on-premise training



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ID 205710


Innovation Manager


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Start Date

June 27/28


BCIFE Certificate



Summer Program
Date: Jun 27/28

BCIF training preview webinar

Let us share a preview of the training, what the online training will look like and meet the instructors.

Who is this for?

Innovation Executives, Innovation Team Leaders, Innovation Managers.

What you will learn

You will experience how the new insights from the Corporate Innovations Framework, with its 100+ unique features and aspects, will help you create breakthrough innovation in six months. You can repeat that process at any time. #Demystifying-Ideation

Want to know
before you go?

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Training Agenda


  1. PROVEN FRAMEWORK – The BlueCallom Innovations Framework already drove several multi-billion innovations from scratch.
  2. PRINCIPLES – Ten critical innovation principles that apply to any innovation. They are independent of any software, including BlueCallom DEEP.
  3. BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS – The role of the brain when creating breakthrough solutions and ideas. How you can apply that knowledge anytime with just little neuroscience insights.
  4. STRATEGY – The mechanism of an Innovation Meta-Strategy that describes the path from zero to innovation without knowing what the innovation will be. 
  5. C-LEVEL – Without a CEO’s commitment to innovation, teams are working in a vacuum instead of focusing on innovations that help the corporation to advance.


  1. HOLISTIC VIEW – The End-to-End Innovation Journey, with its 11 episodes, that starts long before the initial ideas and finishes only once the innovation is successfully in the designated market.
  2. LATERAL THINKING – The non-linear innovation process that makes it easier to think the way the brain is wired. 
  3. TALENTS – The most crucial cognitive abilities for selecting a top-level innovation dream team.
  4. INNOVATION vs. R&D – The significant differences between innovation and R&D budgets and why they should always be distinct.
  5. METRICS – The most critical, innovation-specific metrics and how they help teams to become top-class.
  6. ORGANIZATION – The best innovation organization structure to protect teams from unnecessary bureaucracy and amplify their ingenuity.

Training Benefits

  1. BUSINESS LEADER – You will learn to make innovation a strategic engagement  by introducing a repeatable, manageable and predictable process. with exceptional results. 
  2. INNOVATION TEAM MEMBER – You will learn why ideas are never random and how a brain can be stimulated to create breakthrough ideas. With that basis you can build or use a profoundly deeper innovation process where success is predictable and innovation becomes repeatable.
  3. CONSULTANT – You will learn about the entire innovation scope from inception to global success. Your consulting services may become far more strategic and focused.  Even if you focus on only a part of the innovation journey, you will know the prerequisites and the path ahead. Because now it is completely manageable with no random events that need to happen. You can take forts of the framework and add your own best practices – we made it free to use under a free to use common create license.
  4. SOLUTION PROVIDER – You will learn the entire innovation scope whether it is for a global enterprise or a one person creative shop. You are able to build your own solution and your own services around the BlueCallom Innovation Framework. You can take parts of the framework and add your own best practices – we made it free to use under a CC common create license.

Introducing Repeatability, Manageability, and Predictability to your innovation engagement, is what will give you an exceptional boost.

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training

Axel Schultze

CEO and Senior Innovation Expert

Prof. Matthes Fleck

Senior Innovation Expert


ID 205710

  • 2 days of instructor-led online training
  • 7-hour sessions each day
  • Live instructor led online training
  • BlueCallom BCIF Expert Certificate
  • Post training support program

At present day, all our training are conducted online. BlueCallom is professionally connected via ultra-high-speed fiber connections to the Internet. We are using HD cameras and professional audio equipment.
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