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Creating and visualizing ideas, research, inputs and opinion is one thing. Allowing each piece of content to be rated adds a new dimension on collaboration. Get inspired and building on an existing idea accelerates ideation and initiates idea confluence. Collecting KPIs in the background, analyze content and making process related suggestions is what makes the BlueCallom digital canvas system truly intelligent. In addition team mates can comment or individually message users based on their content.


Innovation is all about collaboration. Sitting together and exploring, discussing, sharing, expressing are some of the best ways to collaborate around an idea. You may also want to spend time completely uninterrupted and think for yourself. You may be traveling and ideas get composed or you are just on your own. The BlueCallom solution supports you in meetings, in online sessions, or when you are on your own. The Key is that every content you form is shared with your team. And if your teammate works at 11:00 o’clock at night best – they have access to all thoughts, research, and feedback. All stored in creative containers.

BlueCallom AI Innovation Workspace Canvas

Digital Multi User Canvas

No matter if you work remote or next to each other

You may use your laptop, tablet, or cellphone to keep your thoughts, customer feedback, or research in one place. You could use paper and pen and then put them into the creative containers in BlueCallom later. But keep them safe, as thoughts vanish away faster than you think. Three months late you may have forgotten over 50% of your thoughts. And every innovation is nothing but thoughts.

Creative Container Snippets

One way to collect ideas

When directly working within one TASK (one field of a canvas) innovation teammates may prefer to use digital stickers with sort notes and be able to arrange them on the page to their liking.

Each of the stickers is an intelligent object that allows users to vote on, communicate with, or inspire new thoughts or ideas. The idea confluence mechanism allows teammates to build on ideas from other teammates. Also here, no need for reporting, structuring, keeping KPIs, and so forth. All that is done by the intelligent logic in the background.

BlueCallom AI Innovation Workspace Creative Mode
AI Innovation Workspace

BlueCallom Innovation Workspace Overview

It is our goal to remove all administrative work and let innovation teams focus on their ingenuity. The overview page gives any innovation teammate an individual overview of things that still need to be done, that requires their ingenious brain. There is no AI system that can analyze and judge the value of an idea. As such, we need brainpower to review an idea or thought or even feedback or research and rate it. The rating drives KPI data, it allows the AI system to decide whether or how much should be inserted in reports and how important certain pieces are to let it rate also from customers.