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Remote Internship

We are looking for amazing people, open minded, creative, breaking all rules to get to the top. After your internship you may just stay or come back when you are ready.

BlueCallom challenges everything you most likely heard about innovation. We are disrupting the entire act of innovation.

Finance & Administration Intern

For 6 months you will take on different roles in the finance space. You will be asked to work on disruptive financing models and create alternative ways to capitalize businesses. You will be working directly with the founders team.
Geographic area: Europe, US, Singapore

Product Management Intern

For 6 months you will work on different aspects of product management. Keep in mind we are everything but a conventional product company. We are thinking of experience embedded product design, network effects integrated technology and more. You will be working directly with the founders team.
Geographic area: Europe, US, Asia

Key Account Sales Intern

For 6 months you will work on alternative methods of selling including social sales and decision making processes from a customer perspective not the conventional sales funnel. You will be working directly with the founders team.
Geographic area: Europe

Marketing Intern

For 6 months you will be involved in the marketing strategy of one of the most innovative businesses. You will NOT use terms like “target audience”, “market penetration”, “low customer touch” and so forth. Customers are partners in a process of making the world a better place. And we take the luxury to only work with customers who have that in mind. You will be working directly with the founders team.
Geographic area: Europe, US

You work from a home office but need to be living in the geography mentioned in the respective position.

The Internship is 6 months long. You can influence the start day.

All four internships are paid positions.


You must have a high speed internet connection at your home office and be able to conduct video conferences any time including a good webcam and a quality microphone.

You have to speak perfect english in a highly articulate way.
If you speak German, French, Korean, or Vietnamese would be great.

A university degree in business administration would be helpful, for us to know you learned about the most basic business rules. But not necessary at all. Rule breakers usually drop off quickly.

Communication Skills — You love to communicate with others and making yourself very clear.
Execution Skills — You are agile do priority tasks right away – not later or tomorrow.
Intelligent — You can thinking through problems with all kinds of options and come up with a good solution without trying it all out.
Comprehension —  You get any situation in a few seconds and turn it into a opportunity the next moment.

We will conduct an initial interview and based on the outcome ask you for a short test. You will be given 3 tasks to test your skills and you will need to complete each in less than 2 days. We will arrange a Zoom Call to explore each of the tasks beforehand.

Please introduce yourself by completing the following application:

Give us a few days to respond

  • We’ll review and look for a perfect match
  • Let’s do an initial zoom call with Marita our Co-Founder
  • Maybe another zoom call with other team-mates

Please – don’t send us any resume.

A personal note
You may want to send us a personal note, why this is your ideal internship and you would do anything to be part of it.