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Knowledge Transfer Webinars

With every Innovation Journey, our experience grows. With every research, our knowledge grows too. In every innovation Thought Leader Roundtable, we learn from each other. At conferences, meetings, and through other means, we get inspired and use the inspiration with our team to create new thoughts, concepts, services, product modules, and ways to do a better job.

The knowledge Transfer Webinars were created to communicate all that with our network. Whether customers or not, we believe that knowledge helps all of us and comes back to us as something new again.

Please join us and our network for exchange and advancement.

Training Prep Webinar

Perspective in an Innovation Organization

Innovation leaders, innovation managers and teams.

This webinar gravitates around being best prepared for the upcoming
BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework Training.
What you can learn
How you can apply the learning
How you may use it for your career advancement
And there is time for questions

February 20th | 11:00 CET

Online  |  Details & Registration