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Dynamic Processes, Compliance, Team Capability Development...

Generative-AI-based Business Process Innovation more

KPI Framework

Innovation specific KPI Framework

BlueCallom AI Innovation Management

Make it Predictable

Don’t offend your intellect with trying, experimenting and guessing. Innovation is now repeatable, manageable and predictable.

Predictive Innovation Management

  • 50,000+ data points for each innovation journey
  • Innovation Success Probability Calculation
  • Over 100 innovation process relevant performance indicators
  • Time to Innovation ROI: approx. 3 years
  • KPI driven, intelligent user guidance
  • BlueCallom.AI/pro is managing all aspects of its data and KPIs

Your Benefit

Instead of YOU correcting and controlling your team, let the AI navigate the team by giving them tips for performance improvements, KPI achievements, process steps and results achievements in a neutral unbiased way. 

BlueCallom KPI Framework

Innovation KPI-Framework