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What is it?

Large-Scale Industry Innovation Efforts

Corporations need to reconsider their entire innovation approach. Today we know how the brain composes breakthrough ideas. That process can be repeated at any time. We also know that the initial value of an idea is precisely zero. And we know that innovation creates value by growing the distribution in its designated market. With its top 10 principles, strategies, methods, and organizational structures, the Innovation Framework provides the necessary understanding to manage innovation diffusion over time. Now innovation can be made a repeatable, manageable, and predictable process.
Enterprises should stop acting like startups and instead act like bold and innovative global corporations.

Large-scale innovation means corporates level innovation projects that shape our future for the better. We don’t need innovation to build better charging stations for EVs – but hundreds of thousands of low-cost, geo-independent electricity generators running 24x7x365 no matter the weather and the outside temperature.

All genuinely innovative concepts have been ignored, rejected, or even combated against by over 95% of the people before they began to accept them one to five years later. We expect no different behavior from the projects we share.

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Perspective in an Innovation Organization

Energy Generation Project

Here we will introduce a disruptive energy generation project.
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