Slide thumbnailYour Innovation Sandbox - Experience the power of BlueCallom for freeBlueCallom.Lite Innovation Software

Your Innovation Sandbox

1) Intelligent innovation workspace
Leveraging our AI system in addition to ChatGPT and DALL-e-2.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance
It is almost impossible to fail to create the next breakthrough

3) End-to-End Innovation Process
Work with the two most inspiring innovation episodes, “Needs & Dreams” and “Neuro Ideation” for free. If you want to ensure product-market-fit, innovation financing, innovation-t0-market, growth, and scaling, upgrade to the full edition and master the entire process.

4) Intelligent KPI Framework
Experience the KPI-Framework that works completely in the background and drives our AI system to navigate you through the process.

BlueCallom.Lite is your sandbox to explore the BlueCallom.AI Innovations Solution. There is a reason why Innovation is such a hard nut to crack. Not because it is complicated.  It is wildly underestimated what it takes to create one of those billion Euro breakthrough innovations. The BlueCallom Innovations Framework shows the most significant aspects of innovation, most managers never heard of. On other words, you will want to master the concept of innovation before you invest time and resources to build your first breakthrough.

Study the Innovations Framework before you start, create an innovation strategy and take BlueCallom.Lite to get the experience how fast you get to a breakthrough.

BlueCallom Innovation Journey Map

Innovation Sandbox

Getting started

BlueCallom.AI/Lite is helping you get started and a feel for how BlueCallom works. To make it easy, we focus on Episode No.2 Needs and Dreams, and Episode No.3 Neuro Ideation.
At Needs and dreams we help you find out if the problem you are solving is fully understood by your team, that you capture all the necessary feedback from your future users and have a robust base to develop your solution.
Millions of brainstorm meetings have shown, not a single breakthrough that has succussed in the market was formed that way. Instead of 60-MINUTE brainstorms we guide you through a 30-DAY Neuro Ideation process that amplifies your ingenuity over a full month and compose otherwise unimaginable solutions.

Deep Innovation Design

BlueCallom DID Platform

BlueCallom.AI/Lite is the platform that unleashes the Deep Innovation Design method. You will be able to use two of the ten separate yet interconnected episodes. Each episode contains a strategic set of neuroscience-inspired tasks that teams perform with the help of BlueCallom.AI.

Networked Intelligence Approach

Each of the ten Episodes has its dedicated canvas in the intelligent workspace, allowing idea creation, AI-supported research, customer feedback, content ranking, automated KPI aggregation, leverages the IIPGS, and has its dedicated, episode-related reporting.