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1st Live Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable

By invitation only

Innovation Thought Leader Exchange

After having conducted 7 roundtables online, we heard and thought it is time to get together in person. This event is also at the same day as our first BlueCallom Innovation Night, a pure networking event.

So far, innovation thought leaders from BASF, Bayer, Bosch, BP, Cisco, DB Schenker, Dormakaba, DPD, Johnson&Johnson, Lufthansa Cargo, Microsoft, NGK Japan, Nissan Motors, Novartis, Philip Morris, Rexel, Roche, SAP, Sony, Voestalpine have been part of the previous meetings.

We very much looking forward to meet most of you in person !!!

This event is hosted by our CEO, Axel Schultze

Meeting Agenda

Live Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable

  • 13:00   |  Welcome and networking
  • 13:30   |  Introduction
  • 13:40   | Topic #1 intro (10 min) and discussion (40 min)
                    CEO involvement, why?
                    Timing, when should a CEO get involved? 
  • 14:30   | Topic #2 Intro (10 min) and discussion (40 min)
                    Looking for serious innovation Opportunities
                    ideas, problems, open innovation…
  • 15:30   Short break 
  • 15:40   | Topic #3 Intro (10 min) and discussion (40 min)
                    Why budget should never be a roadblock to innovation
  • 16:30   | Future of Innovation Thought Leader Roundtables
  • 17:00   | End
  • 17:30   |  BlueCallom Innovation Night
  • 18:00   |  Apéro Rich
                     End: to be defined

Event Information

Thursday, Nov 3, 2022

13:30 – 16:30 CET (Europe)

Please let us know if you plan to come

Purpose & Objectives

  • Having a peer exchange in a casual, open, and friendly way.
  • Jointly, making innovation a better-understood practice.
  • Take something away that you can apply right away.

The idea emerged from individual discussions with innovation thought leaders to exchange and it became a quarterly event. It’s a networking event with the added value of taking some concrete ideas, advice, or inspiration home and applying it.
Now we conduct our first Live Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable

2022 Schedule

Nov 3 is our Live Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable

Mar 24 | June 23 | Sep 23 | Nov 3| Dec 15


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